Jihad in our midst: we are “willfully stupid” if we ignore it [VIDEO]

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As you know, I’ve conducted my own research and study in the history of Islam and its effects upon the world. However, I came across this video from a very astute gentleman named David Wood, who encapsulates some 1400 years of history and crystallizes it so beautifully.

I sincerely hope you’ll take the time to watch this video — and I bet you’ll watch it more than once. You can also download and print this handy leaflet, which explains the three stages of jihad. Please share it generously!

Using the backdrop of President Barack Hussein Obama’s 2009 speeches at the Turkish General Assembly and at Cairo University — where Obama demanded Muslim Brotherhood members be seated in the front center two rows – Wood explains the three stages of jihad.

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Those three stages of jihad historically correspond with the three stages of Islam — Stealth (Mecca I, 612-622 AD), Defensive (Medina, 622-628 AD), and Offensive (Mecca II, 628 – Today). Wood is meticulous in comparing history to the modern actions we see being promulgated today and uses Islamic doctrine as stated in the Quran, Hadiths, and Sunnah to explain his analysis. It’s the most thorough and concise assessment and presentation, and it should be shared widely. Only then can we all be a part of Operation Monkey Wrench.

I already know what the detractors will be saying, but then again David Wood does an exceptional job explaining from whence those comments emanate as part of the three stages. Finally, I recommend you pass this video onto your respective elected political officials and ask them to stop allowing the infiltration to occur here in our America — such as how Qatar, the funder and sponsor of Islamic terrorists has provided millions of dollars influencing policy through the Brookings Institute.

This is the type of education and information that cultural jihadist organizations such as the Council for Islamic Relations (CAIR) do not want disseminated. As we’ve reported, they’re trying hard to purge training materials at the FBI, DoD, and local law enforcement. We cannot allow them to censor the truth from us.

Mr. Wood, if this post gets back to you, hat tip for this exceptional video and your efforts — and watch yer six brother!

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