Another Obama policy on the ballot: Health premiums are skyrocketing thanks to Obamacare

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Well, President Barack Hussein Obama said his policies were on the ballot for November 4th. He also stated he didn’t mind that Democrats were distancing themselves from him as they need to do what whatever is necessary to win – they’re his folks and support his agenda.

So, it seems one of those agenda policies, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, should certainly be part of voters’ consideration in this election cycle. And this recent news should truly have an affect upon this time for choosing.

As reported by the Washington Times, “The Affordable Care Act was supposed to make health care more affordable, but a study of insurance policies before and after Obamacare shows that average premiums have skyrocketed, for some groups by as much as 78 percent.

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Average insurance premiums in the sought-after 23-year-old demographic rose most dramatically, with men in that age group seeing an average 78.2 percent price increase, before factoring in government subsidies, and women having their premiums rise 44.9 percent, according to a report by HealthPocket scheduled for release Wednesday.

The study, which was shared Tuesday with The Washington Times, examined average health insurance premiums before the implementation of Obamacare in 2013 and then afterward in 2014. The research focused on people of three ages — 23, 30 and 63 — using data for nonsmoking men and women with no spouses or children.”

President Obama “promised” Americans would see a cost savings of $2,500 in their insurance premiums. It was also the president who stated Americans could keep their doctor and insurance plan — which of course ended up as the 2013 Lie of the Year.

As we carefully analyze Obamacare, we find nothing more than a huge wealth redistribution scheme masquerading as a fix to America’s healthcare system. Obamacare includes 20 new taxes and actually shifts costs to healthier Americans — especially 18 to 30-year-olds — in order to cover for the cost of preexisting conditions cost and the expansion of MEDICAID. As well, it forces Americans to pay for services that make no sense for them personally — like pregnancy coverage for certain age groups. However, what is most disturbing, and why we’re seeing these insurance premium increases is that the insurance industry — who cheered this venture on since Americans were forcibly mandated to purchase their product, a violation of the constitutions commerce clause — have to cover themselves.

Also, don’t forget the employer mandate delay will run out after the midterm election and already many employers are pushing employees to part time and dropping healthcare coverage all together. Remember Obamacare penalizes businesses — heck, according to Hillary Clinton they don’t create jobs anyway — who grow above 50 employees with increased fines and regulations. Levy those costs on top of the misguided progressive socialist political gimmick of raising the minimum wage to $15, and you have small business Armageddon.

The Times says, “the study revealed that premium increases for 30-year-olds were almost as high as for 23-year-olds — 73.4 percent for men and 35.1 percent for women — said the study, titled “Without Subsidies Women & Men, Old & Young Average Higher Monthly Premiums with Obamacare.” “It’s very eye-opening in terms of the transformation occurring within the individual health insurance market,” said Kev Coleman, head of research and data at HealthPocket, a nonpartisan, independently managed subsidiary of Health Insurance Innovations in Sunnyvale, California.”

At a time when the middle income Americans are finding their wages being depressed — so much for what’s happening on Wall Street — the last thing they need are higher insurance premiums. Certainly the millennial generation who is graduating with high debt and no jobs doesn’t need this.

The Times concurs, writing, “The eye-popping increases among younger insurance buyers could be a problem for Obamacare’s long-term solvency given that young people need to enroll to offset the higher costs associated with older policyholders. “Obviously they’re very important, and as much as they’re healthier, they tend to use health care less, so you want to try and have as many of those people enrolled as possible. And the cost for them went up very [steeply],” Mr. Coleman said.”

“The study doesn’t include the federal premium subsidies offered to those earning 100 percent to 400 percent of the federal poverty limit, but Mr. Coleman points out that not everyone in that bracket qualifies because their premiums must exceed a certain percentage of their income. “So you still have this issue of health insurance rising for that very young group and, depending on where they are with respect to income and premium, they may not qualify for a subsidy,” Mr. Coleman said. “That’s what we like to refer to as a subsidy gap.”

As you go to the polls — if you haven’t already — remember it was then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who said, “we have to pass the bill in order to find out what is in it.” Every person who voted for this debacle and supports it should be reminded of that statement with your vote.

Obamacare in the end creates 159 new government agencies and bureaucracies and guess who pays for that? It has severe cuts to the Medicare Advantage program in order to pay for the government expansion into one-sixth of our economy. And it creates the untouchable Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) — a group of unelected bureaucrats, which has the power to make pricing decisions on Medicare above congressional approval.

Sure, we can maintain the parts of Obamacare that are good — preexisting conditions coverage and the redefinition of child to age 26, if you concur. But the other 2,680 pages are nothing but invasive and intrusive progressive big government nightmares.

This policy is on the ballot — it is your time for choosing.

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