Black grandmother says she’s tired of Democrats and voting straight Republican [VIDEO]

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When I was growing up they used to say, “listen to the old folks.” Well, take just a couple of minutes to listen to this 82-year-old black grandmother from Texas who took the time to call into CSPAN’s Washington Journal. Seems the fear mongering tactics of the Democrat party in the black community didn’t convince this woman named Joyce.

For Joyce it seems the social issues DO matter because it’s a matter of faith, family, marriage, and protecting the unborn. This is why Ronald Reagan — who 50 years ago today delivered his “Time for Choosing” speech — spoke of the three pillars of conservatism: fiscal, national security, and social.

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Now of course the high-powered DC consultant class will tell you not to speak of these issues — well it seems they still matter to Joyce. And of course there are those who will say Joyce is an outlier and she’s a member of the “old school” generation, which has no relevance today.

Well, I bet this ol’ mother in the church has plenty of relevance and impact, if you know the black family — which of course is being decimated by the progressive socialist programs of the modern Democrat party. It doesn’t matter how many flyers depicting lynchings are placed on black churchgoers’ cars in North Carolina. It doesn’t matter how many disgusting ads are run by the Georgia Democrat Party comparing Ferguson, Missouri to voting for a privileged white Democrat senatorial candidate. It does not matter how many black congressional members try to patronize their inner city constituents into blind obedience and pacification.

The old school way still exists in the black community and women like Joyce still hold sway — even black pastors fear those ol’ church mothers. The lies and deceit of the original party of slavery, secession, segregation, and now socialism are coming home to roost. The black community was enraptured by the sensationalism and iambic pentameter rhetoric of one Barack Hussein Obama.

However, now he’s finally he being seen for what he is — just a slick talking charlatan who enabled the Democrats to use the black community to advance a progressive socialist agenda — which has left them behind. And now, as usual, the Democrats are showing up to harvest that critical crop from the 21st century economic plantation — votes. And just the same as the boll weevil destroyed the cotton crop — the failing policies of Obama, as Joyce articulated, have continued the destruction of the black community.

So to the GOP political “geniuses” who walk around with white boards and think they’re so brilliant — perhaps you need to start talking to Joyce. And this isn’t about “outreach,” it’s about having a principled discussion on policy inclusiveness and the restoration of what was once the pride of the black community — the three principles of Booker T. Washington: education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance. That, along with the resurrection of the strong black family, won’t lead only to success in the black community — but success for our America.

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