Shock video: Little girls drop f-bombs for “feminism”

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Recently, conservative pundit and author Mary Steyn commented that the GOP may win on Election Day, but the Democrats – i.e. progressive socialists — are winning the culture battle the other 364 days. I couldn’t agree more and as Daddy to daughters, aged 21 and 17, this advertisement just shocked me.

As reported by, “You know how elderly white people trying to rap is off-putting? Well, multiply that by 100 and you’ll understand how jarring it is to hear little girls in a new ad repeatedly dropping f-bombs in the name of feminism.”

“Yeah, in this video by, little girls dressed up as princesses explain how unfair the world is to women with a crapload of words far worse than crapload.”

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“For example, choice phrases include “I’m not some pretty [email protected] hopeless princess in distress!”, “Pay up, [email protected]!”, and “Start teaching boys not to [email protected] rape!” Yes, these little girls also talk about rape, as well as how society judges women’s looks and pay equality. The girls ask, “What is more offensive: a little girl saying [email protected] or the [email protected] unequal sexist way society treats girls and women?” The original video was removed from FCKH8′s Vimeo page, but a new, identical version went up Wednesday afternoon, which you can watch in all its glory here.”

I just have to ask, where are the parents — especially the dads? I teach my girls that strength in being a woman begins with carrying yourself in a respectful way — this is not respectful. I’ve raised my girls Aubrey and Austen never to be seen as victims and that toughness begins with their intelligence and determination. I don’t think “feminism” is about profanity. It’s about confidence and competence that enables you to know ou can conquer any challenge and overcome any obstacle — not this.

This is the example of what Steyn was referring to when he talked about losing the culture war 364 days out of the year.

Now, one would think that would understand the concern and the outrage against this video — nah. Here is their response to Mediaite:

It seems like this censorship with both Vimeo and Youtube pulling the video is because of user complaints about kids saying [email protected] The video does not violate any user guidelines and with all the sexist content on both sites that is allowed to stay up, as well as content that uses this simple four-letter word, we are surprised that they chose to censor it. This censorship gets to the exact point that the girls in the video are making… that society finds it more offensive for a girl to say [email protected] than they do the fact that 1 out 5 women are sexually assaulted and raped and that women get paid 23% less than men for the exact same work. We will be reuploading and have contacted both Youtube and Vimeo about this. Is YouTube really in the business of censoring their users? Is Vimeo now the politeness police?

No, we’re upset that little girls – children — are being used in such a manner which is borderline abuse. Adults can do and say as they wish but it would be nice to allow children to learn respect, dignity, integrity, and a sense of character.

But mainly, we as parents would like to be allowed to teach our children and inculcate them with a certain level of values, and just let them be children — not pawns in some demented and absurd view of what someone as an adult defines as “feminism.”

There is only one word to describe this group: sick.

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