Liberal lunacy: Animal rights group seeks “personhood” for chimpanzees

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The hypocrisy of progressive socialists is seemingly endless. Consider the case being heard in court about a chimpanzee named Tommy that would redefine “personhood” in America.

The progressive Left went into an apoplectic state of hysteria when the Christian Right began to promote the idea of “personhood” for unborn human children — a heart rate begins at 18 days after all. But nah, human fetuses don’t really count. I guess some folks on the Left have been watching way too many “Planet of the Apes” reruns on Sci-Fi channel or something.

But I swear I’m not making this up. As reported by the UK Guardian, “An animal rights group will argue a claim of wrongful imprisonment of Tommy, a chimpanzee held in a trailer park shed in New York. Chimpanzees could climb closer to the status of “legal persons” on Wednesday, should an animal rights group convince a New York court that an ape held in a trailer park shed may be wrongfully imprisoned.”

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“Tommy, a 26-year-old privately-owned chimp in Gloversville, New York, is the plaintiff in a suit brought on his behalf by Steven Wise and the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP), a group of environmental lawyers who seek nothing less than to break through the “legal wall … erected between humans and nonhuman animals”, as Wise told the Guardian. But before the US can consider pongid personhood, Wise must argue before a panel of five appellate judges, who have agreed to hear out his petition for a writ of habeas corpus – an order demanding that the custodian of a prisoner prove a legally justifiable reason for detainment.”

Where do they find these people? Mr. Wise has nothing else better to do than waste the time of an appellate court to hear a case on behalf of Tommy the chimpanzee? Have we forgotten what a chimpanzee did when it attacked a woman a few years ago? So, does that mean that chimp chump would get charged with assault and battery and have to stand trial? And you mean to tell me this appellate court has nothing better to do, no better cases to hear than this? We are so upside down.

Nowadays in America if you fight for the rights of an unborn American child, you are attacked viciously and ridiculed. Yet the Far Left loons are tying up our legal system trying to get habeas corpus applicable to a chimpanzee?

But this isn’t the first case of liberal hypocrisy when it comes to the sanctity of human life. Consider here in South Florida all the precautions and preparations that go into sea turtle nesting season. You want to see people go nuts? Threaten a sea turtle nest. I’m sure many of the same people out there strenuously protecting sea turtle eggs have no issue whatsoever about killing a human baby while in the womb — some right up to the time of birth.

The Guardian says, “Wise argues that the court should recognize Tommy as a limited legal person entitled to the bodily liberty that habeas corpus protects. Presented as evidence to support his claim are affidavits from experts in cognitive science, psychology and behavioral biology, as well as Wise’s own rich knowledge of philosophical arguments and studies on chimpanzees. In the past 15 years, particularly, studies have convincingly shown that chimpanzees possess self-awareness,empathy, elements of culture, complex memory and recognition of death, and Wise argues that the long-perceived barrier between certain animals and humans is both thin and porous.”

So what about all the scientific evidence of cognitive development and the ability to feel and experience pain for a baby in the mother’s womb? Nah, that means nothing to the progressive socialists. Heinous procedures in late term abortions are just fine to the Left.

And I wonder how Mr. Wise feels about Barack Hussein Obama who once sponsored legislation as a state Senator declaring baby that survived an abortion still deserves to be killed — that is infanticide. Would Mr. Wise go to court and take up the cause a surviving baby?

According to the Guardian, “should the appeals court issue the writ, Patrick Lavery, who owns Tommy, would have to file his case and the state supreme court would schedule a hearing. Lavery has waived his right to make an argument in court.”

I must ask, what kind of society do we have in America where a court is listening to a case that could establish chimpanzee personhood and rights — all the while dissecting babies in the womb under the premise of women’s rights? How many of us have read to our children while in the womb and could sense their listening and the peace of their hearing our voices? America seems to have forgotten that the first unalienable right endowed to all men by their Creator is life.

I find the case of Tommy the chimpanzee very disturbing — but quite telling about who progressive socialists really are.

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