If we’re going to use the military to fight Ebola, here’s how to do it

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I guess it’s time for me to weigh in on the Ebola issue in America. I’m not an infectious disease expert, but I know a little bit about leadership.

First of all, if Obama was taking his daily intelligence briefings he should have been inquiring about “hot spots.” As Obama saw a growing problem in West Africa with Ebola, he should have been looking at contingencies and calling in a “crisis action tiger team” to proactively examine courses of action. Instead we have a president who once again makes a dumb statement about the impossible chances of Ebola coming to America — and now must eat those words.

Yesterday it was revealed that another Dallas nurse, Amber Vinson, has tested positive for Ebola. She is in our prayers as well as the first nurse identified as testing positive for Ebola — both were treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who lost his life to Ebola.

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But the possible exposure is growing rapidly. Some 77 other health care workers who had contact with Mr. Duncan are now under watch. And of even greater concern is that Ms. Vinson apparently boarded a commercial airline flight after she had contracted Ebola. Therefore we now have an even wider net of potential cases to monitor.

CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden seems to be heading up the Center for Deception and Confusion. He’s made statements showing more concern for the “economic viability” of West African countries rather than issuing any type of travel ban — which would have precluded Mr. Duncan from entering America, period.

I fail to understand his illogical assertion that cordoning off an infected area will only result in Ebola spreading faster. And for Frieden to say (to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly) that there is a difference between charter and commercial aircraft was perplexing — disturbing at worst.

I don’t believe we have an Ebola epidemic in America – at least not yet. However, I do believe there is a crisis of confidence and a loss of trust from the American people in the Obama administration. What I don’t want to see is panic created in our airline travel system as we draw closer to the Thanksgiving and Christmas season — which you all well know is brewing after Ms. Vinson’s trip on Frontier Airlines from Cleveland to Dallas.

We need Ebola centers of excellence, regional healthcare facilities priority-prepared to contend with Ebola cases. In addition, we need a full court press for vaccine development and that means turning the challenge over to the private sector to solve the issue – not the NIH, as we know how they waste our money.

I also believe we should get our U.S. military involved, but not by sending our troops into West Africa — and what happens if our troops are banned from flying back from West Africa because they have to stop in Europe for refueling?

USNORTHCOM has the command and control apparatus to contend with this incident. I’d recommend we look at some of the BRACd (Base Realignment and Closure) military installations that could be used — in remote areas — as places where we could separate infected individuals in order to secure the greater American population.

None of this was discussed at the staged cabinet meeting on Wednesday where Obama talked about CDC SWAT teams. Leadership is about being proactive, seeing the issue before it becomes a crisis and having solutions already in place. Obama and his cronies have failed. The pool of potential Americans who have to be monitored for Ebola is expanding exponentially — and all of this could have been avoided if the guy with a pen and a phone had written an executive order banning persons inbound from the affected countries.

The responsibility of the president of the United States of America is to protect the American people — not political correctness.

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