Bombshell question: Is Turkish intelligence service fighting alongside ISIS?

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So the Obama administration has given a name to the debacle ongoing in Syria and Iraq: Operation Inherent Resolve. As I stated On the Record last night with Greta von Susteren, the only folks showing any resolve are the Kurds who are fighting against darn near everybody — ISIS, Turkey, you name it — with small arms and no heavy armor, artillery or weapons.

Of course our very own distinguished National Security Advisor Susan Rice did another bang-up job displaying her utter incompetence — again — on a Sunday talk show stating –wrongly — that Turkey will allow U.S. aircraft to fly out of our bases there.

I have a really bad memory of the Turkish government because we in the 4th Infantry Division deployed all our equipment for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 on ships to Turkey only to be told while the transport ships were in the Mediterranean Sea, they had denied our disembarking and launching operations into Iraq from the north.

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Now, supposedly Turkey is a NATO member, but you can hardly see that in their actions as they sit back and watch the events unfolding right on their border with Syria in the town of Kobani.

As we’ve discussed here, there’s no doubt Turkey has been supporting ISIS and allowing fighters to transit into Syria — as well as purchasing black market oil from ISIS, funding their endeavor. And it appears Turkey is wholeheartedly approving the ISIS onslaught against the Kurds as it helps eradicate a Turkish problem while we sit back and watch. At least we’ve increased air strikes in the vicinity of Kobani, but aren’t supplying Kurds at all.

And now we have Turkey bombing the Kurds within Turkey itself as they protest Erdogan’s inaction.

But what if there were another angle to what Erdogan and the Turkish government are REALLY doing? I did some scouring and came up with an interesting assessment on who published images previously of captured ISIS fighters who were part of the Turkish MIT (Turkish Intelligence Agency). They show ID cards of three ISIS fighters killed who were allegedly members of MIT, writing “if you wonder why the Turkish government is refusing to fight the Islamic state, and refusing permission to foreign military bases near the Turkish border, and should there be any confusion as to why Erdogan’s government is shooting at civilian Kurds who are trying to flee ISIS terrorists to safety, here is the answer.”

Is the dirty little secret that Turkish intelligence agents are fighting alongside ISIS?

Now, I’m just a simple ol’ fella looking for truth and I’d like to see someone ask the White House, Pentagon, CIA, and State Department spokespersons about the veracity of this claim and the possibility. After all, we found out about several Americans killed in Syria fighting for ISIS not from our own government — but from those who killed the fighters and captured their passports. I’m just asking, could Turkey’s involvement with ISIS be deeper than what we’re seeing — or what we’re being told?

Erdogan is an Islamist, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this were true. As well, the Qataris aren’t our friends either. There are two people I’d trust to get us the truth on this little item: Fox News’ Catherine Herridge and Sharyl Attkisson. Ok noble ladies, I am tossing this over to you as I just try to scout out the enemy – I’m leaving it up to you to bring in the heavy stuff!

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