Islamic terrorism sure is profitable: Hamas gets $5 billion in aid (including your tax dollars)

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It is absolutely unconscionable to me that the Obama administration and indeed the West fail to realize what it will take for peace in the Middle East. If you ask me, it seems the best business to be in these days is Islamic terrorism. It’s quite profitable. Consider the $3 to $6 million that ISIS makes daily selling black market oil — enabled by our esteemed NATO ally, Turkey.

But then there’s Hamas — that “humanitarian organization” as Nancy Pelosi describes it – now rolling in dough as well.

Thanks to John Kerry’s efforts, the Palestinians will be receiving more than $5 billion in aid – but don’t think for a second that will buy any peace.

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As reported by Yahoo! News, “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called on Sunday for a renewed commitment to achieving Middle East peace, saying a lasting deal between Israel, the Palestinians and all their neighbors was possible. But prospects for a renewed peace process appeared dim as Kerry offered no specifics on how to restart negotiations in his speech to a Gaza reconstruction conference that raised more than $5 billion in aid for the Palestinians after a devastating war in the tiny coastal territory.”

“Out of this conference must come not just money but a renewed commitment from everybody to work for peace that meets the aspirations of all, for Israelis, for Palestinians, for all people of this region,” Kerry told the meeting in Cairo. “And I promise you the full commitment of President (Barack)Obama, myself and the United States to try to do that,” he said. “Make no mistake: What was compelling about a two-state solution a year ago is even more compelling today,” added Kerry, referring to the long-term goal of an independent, democratic Palestinian state living peacefully alongside Israel.”

Folks, these chuckleheads just don’t get it. The more money you give these Islamists, the more terror there will be — and never peace. What part of “stupid idea” does John Kerry not get?

Here’s the deal. What happened to the last batch of aid money sent into Gaza? Hmm, let’s see, could it be that the money and building materials ended up going underground and not for the building of a new Gaza METRO rail system? Yes folks, Hamas, an Islamic terrorist organization in charge of Gaza, built tunnels and purchased more rockets and missiles to fire at the sovereign State of Israel — supposedly our ally in the Middle East.

And in turn when their stocks were replenished and the tunnels were ready for use, Hamas started shelling Israel. And what does Hamas get in return? More money and aid!

This must be the definition of insanity, because we’re continuing to do the exact same thing and expecting different results. As we’ve stated here, there can’t be any cease-fire or peace negotiations with a terrorist group whose declared raison d’être is the destruction of an entire nation. What kind of idiots do we have in charge? What a lucrative boon for Hamas — start a war, use your own people as human shields, cry foul when you’re getting your butt kicked, and then get millions and billions of dollars. Remember, even during the most recent conflagration, the U.S. pledged $47 million to Gaza — meaning Hamas.

But that’s not all. Yahoo! reports “at the conference, Kerry also announced an additional $212 million in U.S. aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which was badly damaged during a conflict with Israel in July and August in which 2,100 Palestinians died, most of them civilians. An estimated 18,000 homes and vital infrastructure were destroyed in the seven-week war between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist militant group Hamas. The Palestinians have put the cost of reconstruction at about $4 billion and Norway’s Foreign Minister Borge Brende said the conference had secured $5.4 billion in aid, half of which would be used for rebuilding Gaza and the rest could go to other Palestinian areas.”

So these barbaric savages — who publicly executed Gazans who provided information to the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) to lessen collateral damage to civilians — will be financed by the dummies of the West to rebuild the areas they used to fire rockets and launch attacks.

Yep, that’s just brilliant and certainly teaches Islamo-fascists and jihadists a great lesson. In the meantime Obama and Kerry pitch a fit about Israel building suburban apartments? Can someone please explain this nonsense? No, I no longer consider this abject incompetence, it is blatantly purposeful as part of Obama’s legacy as an Islamist sympathizer.

He is using our U.S. taxpayer dollars to pay off Islamic terrorists and it seems to me that is aiding and abetting the enemy, as well as providing material support and comfort.

Therefore, with this influx of new revenue, how long will it be before the next round of rocket and missile attacks and rebuilt tunnels? That’s who these animals are and unfortunately we keep feeding them.

“A ceasefire is not peace, and we’ve got to find a way to get back to the table and help people make tough choices, real choices,” said Kerry. “Choices that everybody in this room and outside of it understands have been on the table for too long.” Yahoo! says, “the Palestinian Authority hopes that moves by a new unity government towards assuming control in Hamas-dominated Gaza could make wealthy donor states less wary of providing reconstruction aid. Among countries offering reconstruction aid for Gaza, Qatar offered $1 billion, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates promised $200 million each and Turkey pledged $200 million.”

“France said it would contribute 40 million euros ($50.50 million) to the Palestinians and Germany offered 50 million euros. Britain’s ambassador to Egypt, John Casson, told Reuters London would provide $32 million for the reconstruction efforts. EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said pledges from the bloc’s 28 member states would reach 450 million euros. It was not immediately clear whether the sum included the separate contributions announced by Germany, France and Britain.”

A cease-fire with an Islamist terrorist organization certainly isn’t peace — and the absurd acquiescence of paying a “jizya tax” will not bring anyone to a table. There is one simple choice which isn’t tough, it just requires the courage which Obama and Kerry lack: crush Islamo-fascism and stand with Israel, the Kurds, and Egypt. That is the real choice and I pray there will come a day in America when we have that resolute courageous leadership. Sadly that moment is not now.

Yahoo! reports that “one country that was not reported as making any monetary pledges was Egypt. “We should turn this moment into a real starting point to achieve a peace that secures stability and flourishing and renders the dream of coexistence a reality, and this is the vision of the Arab peace initiative,” Sisi, now Egypt’s elected president, said in his opening speech.”

And what of that exceptional global body politic, the United Nations? U.N Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the conference: “We must not lose sight of the … causes of the recent hostilities, of a certain occupation that has lasted almost half a century, the continued denial of Palestinian rights and the lack of tangible progress in peace negotiations.” And that is why I voted to cut U.S. donations to the UN.

Israel wasn’t represented at the conference, but some of the speakers pressed for it to do more to change the status quo with the Palestinians. Yep, get bombed and everyone gathers around to blame you and gives your enemy billions of dollars. Heck, why should Israel have attended this gathering of fools and demons?

And so it goes. That staunch Arab coalition supposed to assist in defeating ISIS pledges billions to enable Hamas to survive and fight on — and we all join in to finance our own eventual slaughter by paying a submission tax. Can we be such grand suckers?

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