Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer has a harebrained scheme to stop you from voting

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Progressive socialist desperation over the impending November midterm elections is reaching fever pitch. We’ve seen the attempts by Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis to deflect her implosion by attacking opponent Greg Abbott by using campaign workers as props in wheelchairs.

You have another progressive group – the one who came up with the abhorrent advertisement of a Paul Ryan-look alike pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair over a cliff — now running ads blaming Ebola in America on Republicans and supposed budget cuts. Well, not only did the NIH budget increase, it continues to wastefully spend taxpayer dollars as we reported yesterday.

Hey, for these progressive socialists it ain’t about the truth!

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So here’s the next sordid scheme to stave off political Armageddon for the Democrats on November 4th courtesy of Mr. Tom Steyer – about whom we’ve reported previously.

According to an op-ed published by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and reported by Fox News, “Tom Steyer’s dark money special interest group, NextGen Climate, knows Democrats can’t win this election on the issues this year—especially not on Steyer’s radical anti-energy agenda. So they have a new plan: suppress the Republican vote.”

“In a September memo to their state teams, NextGen lays out a plan to “degrade Republican performance” by “dampening Republican enthusiasm levels.” By spreading misinformation about Republican candidates, they’re hoping to divide our party in a last-ditch attempt to save theirs. It’s their last hope to force their far-left agenda on America.”

Silly me, I thought the Left was against all those “shadowy” Super PAC groups — nah, just against the ones they don’t like. So let me get this correct, Mr. Hypocrisy-and-Crony-Capitalism himself, Tom Steyer, wants to “degrade” Republican enthusiasm for the upcoming midterm election? Well, based on the results of Obama’s “degrading” of ISIS, I don’t think the GOP has anything to worry about.

So let’s put this into perspective so Mr. Steyer and his progressive socialist flying monkeys will understand. Let’s say this was an SEC football game and there was a big rivalry game coming up, say, Alabama versus Tennessee and the Tennessee fans — like yours truly — know that our team is struggling but want to “degrade” Alabama fans’ enthusiasm so they won’t go to the game and just stay home – and not even watch on TV. So the Tennessee Volunteer faithful put together a plan to attack new Bama Offensive Coordinator Lane Kiffin reminding the Crimson Tide faithful of his nefarious character and what he did to the Tennessee football program and that he was fired from the head coach job at USC (Southern California). See, that should be enough to split up the Bama faithful and cause them to be discouraged — right? Um, no.

That ain’t how it works folks! And Mr. Steyer, your foolish plan won’t work either. Just like Bama football fans don’t like Tennessee — can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “nothing sucks like a Big Orange” — so it is with the constitutional conservatives and the GOP, as well as with many Independents and some Democrats.

It’s all about the failures of progressive socialism, Barack Hussein Obama, and his policies which HE declared were on the ballot: “Make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them”.

Now, we’re sorry you folks on the Left are running out of kool-aid, but no concoction you brew will be accepted by those of us with a functional brain. Like Obama with ISIS, you’re wasting your time and resources, but you don’t have a viable plan or strategy. However, full marks for creativity.

As Chairman Preibus states, “There are over 350 bills, including over 40 jobs bills, that the Republican-led House has passed but that Harry Reid refuses to put up for a vote in the Senate. Many of those bills are bipartisan, but for Harry Reid it doesn’t matter. It’s his way (Tom Steyer’s way, really) or the highway. Steyer wins, America loses. Democrats should be ashamed of the tactics they’ve resorted to, to cling to their majority. Letting outside groups attempt to depress the Republican vote is unacceptable, but it just illustrates that Democrats don’t have anything substantive to run on. For the last six years, they’ve had their way under President Obama, and Americans aren’t happy with the results.”

You see Tom, the problem with using lies, deceit, coercion, intimidation, and gimmicks is that eventually the well runs dry for you folks on the Left. You ushered in something that was supposed to be transformational, and instead you’ve transformed the growth, opportunity, and promise of the American Dream into a nightmare.

Sure, you’ll always have your contingent of useful idiots, but never for one moment believe you can spread that pixie dust on anyone else. The useless NIH may not have found a vaccine for Ebola, but there is a vaccine for progressive socialism. It’s called Constitutional truth — and it always prevails.

Constitutional conservatives aren’t going to stay at home. We’ll take the field and “woodshed” you because we want to be governed under constitutional principles, rather than be ruled by your whims.

So let me echo the call to arms issued by the RNC Chairman as a close, “This latest liberal ploy is one more reason for conservatives to make a strong showing at the polls on Election Day. They want you to stay home. They want you not to vote. Show this liberal billionaire you can’t be bullied. Show Democrats how much money they, and their extreme allies, have wasted on a losing strategy. Most importantly, let’s get this country back on track and working for the America people—not for out-of-touch liberal interest groups. Go vote.”

Hey Tommy boy, Molon Freakin’ Labe dude, courtesy of your dear American Conservative buddy, Allen West!

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