NIH says no money for Ebola virus? Somehow they found the money to study 14-year-old Chinese prostitutes

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As I’m sure you know, former White House Chief of Staff and now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel once quipped, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” And you don’t get a much better crisis than Ebola. The progressive socialists of the Democrat Party are milking it for all its worth, as they see their hopes sinking for the midterm elections.

As reported by The Huffington Post “As the federal government frantically works to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and as it responds to a second diagnosis of the disease at home, one of the country’s top health officials says a vaccine likely would have already been discovered were it not for budget cuts. Dr. Francis Collins, the head of the National Institutes of Health, said that a decade of stagnant spending has “slowed down” research on all items, including vaccinations for infectious diseases.”

“As a result, he said, the international community has been left playing catch-up on a potentially avoidable humanitarian catastrophe. “NIH has been working on Ebola vaccines since 2001. It’s not like we suddenly woke up and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, we should have something ready here,'” Collins told The Huffington Post on Friday. “Frankly, if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine in time for this that would’ve gone through clinical trials and would have been ready.”

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Yep, we have a crisis, and the Democrats aren’t going to let it go to waste. The Washington Examiner says, “Blame Republicans for Ebola. That’s the message from a key Democratic group that on Monday began a “blitzkrieg attack” on GOP congressional spending cuts on programs that could have been used to fund overseas health efforts that might have helped stop the killer virus. “Like rabid dogs in a butcher shop, Republicans have indiscriminately shredded everything in their path, including critical programs that could have dealt with the Ebola crisis before it reached our country. Yesterday, a health worker tested positive for the virus — now, the effects of the GOP’s fanatical hatred for our government may finally be exposed,” said Erica Payne, president and founder of the progressive Agenda Project Action Fund.”

“With a new video and fact sheet, her group is targeting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts and other Republicans up for re-election with the charge that they are to blame for the health crisis by voting for cuts at the National Institute of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and in foreign aid.”

Ok, it’s time for the truth police to step in — and trust me, this was fun!

Here’s the truth about the National Institute of Health and its spending practices:

From Senator Tom Coburn’s (R–OK) Wastebook 2012 :

-$ 295,364 determining that male fruit flies are more attracted to youngerfemale fruit flies than older female fruit flies;

– $350,000 researching how golfers perform better when using their imagination;

– $548,731 acquiring evidence that heavy drinking in a person’s thirties can lead to feelings of immaturity, while in their twenties it would not;

– $666,905 researching how fictional characters in books, movies, and television shows can help a person feel better about life.

Furthermore, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported on ways to find savings at the NIH in its biennial Budget Options report released in March 2011. Capping the growth of the agency’s budget at 1 percent per year, for example, could save $10.3 billion between 2013 and 2021.

I also found these very interesting spending tidbits:

1. The National Institute on Drug Abuse rolled pot (in grape flavored paper), provided it to study participants (potheads), instructed them how to smoke it, and observed them for 4 hours at a time. This cost taxpayers nearly $1 million. The goal was to “…understand why people take more risks such as drug driving or involvement in unsafe sex when using marijuana.”

2. Positive reinforcement is a great way to quit smoking. Paul Michael Cinciripini has conducted $343,487 worth of studies on the effectiveness of porn as the reward for smoking cessation.

3. How likely are you to experience excessive noise exposure on the New York City subway? NIH researcher Robyn Gershon spent three years and $472,286 trying to find out.

4. Though welfare reform increased employment and decreased welfare caseloads as intended, Nancy E. Reichman wanted to determine if the work-first requirements actually cause an undue burden on recipients. She got $793,695 of stimulus funding.

5. After conducting a “needs assessment”, Simon Rosser found that gay men required porn in order complete online HIV prevention education. Rosser’s Men’s Internet Study (MINTS) for HIV Prevention has spent over $5 million so far, creating a porn site (SexPulse). NIH Director Dr. Collins has defended this website because it takes “into account specific nuances of [the gay] culture and language.

6. NIH is concerned that only a few scientific investigations of co-ed hookups have been conducted. So they gave Dr. Michael Carey $400,000 to interview 500 first year college girls about their “penetrative sexual hookups”. He checked in on them monthly for a year.

7. Kim Fromme simply claimed, “little is known about the behavioral risks that have been associated with collegiate drinking,” and received $3,276,420 in NIH grants to find out more.

8. In order to promote workforce diversity in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM), Dr. Mary Carnes got $2 million to create a video game to help faculty identify their stereotype-based biases.

9. NIH favorites Jeffrey T. Parsons and Christian Grov, along with Jonathan Rendina (Kirchstein fellow) have received well over $12.25 million for sexual pet projects including (but not limited to) “Pillow Talk” and “SCORE”. These three researchers are generally interested in sexual compulsivity, sex/drug use diaries, sex parties, and bathhouse participation among “highly sexually active” gay/bisexual men. Calling his work a “niche,” Grov was also involved in a penis size satisfaction study as an NIH-funded postdoctoral fellow.

10. And the coup d’grace: NIH funded the Chinese CDC to the tune of $90 million over the last ten years, and has been studying 14-year-old Chinese prostitutes, 35-year -old Chinese prostitutes, and teaching Chinese therapists how to do acupuncture properly. In the last two and half years, NIH has given over $30 million to Chinese scientists working in China to research Chinese problems.

The sad thing is that the progressive socialists will be able to run their ads and won’t be widely — nor forced to make a retraction. Imagine if all these funds went to Ebola vaccination development? So this claim by the NIH Director Dr. Collins is complete hogwash and the subsequent ads by this progressive group are demented lies — just like “you can keep your doctor.”

Always remember that for progressive socialists truth is inconvenient and just like light to a vampire. Let’s be our own media source and spread this truth all over the country and force Erica Payne of the progressive Agenda Project Action Fund to take down these false ads.

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