New young crop of GOP candidates rattles old-school Democrat cages

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One of the candidates endorsed by the Allen West Guardian Fund is former Army infantry officer Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark) running against current Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor. Their first debate was held last night and there was the predictable contentious moment — and of course it came from Pryor.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, “A Senate debate between Republican Rep. Tom Cotton and Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., grew personal Monday when Pryor said Cotton “thinks he’s entitled” to the seat. More than halfway through the 90-minute debate, Pryor responded to a question about his accomplishments in Washington by pointing out that Cotton, a first-term member of Congress, commissioned a poll to evaluate his odds in the Senate race before “he even knew where the bathrooms were.”

“You don’t have the reputation, the ability or the desire to get things done in Washington,” Pryor said pointedly to Cotton.”

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So let me get this right, Pryor attacks Cotton because he ran an exploratory poll to assess the viability of conducting a Senate endeavor? Well, perhaps Rep. Cotton’s time served in the military bode well for him — especially having served combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. You see, the prudent commander always sends out his scouts first to assess the strength and viability of the enemy. Furthermore, the scouts are used to conduct reconnaissance to confirm and deny the nature of the terrain and battlefield in order to enable the savvy commander to prepare — as we said, prior planning promotes perfect performance.

Apparently Cotton’s prudence angered the Senator — or is it just a case of another well-entrenched career politician who doesn’t want to be challenged, especially by someone younger? I find Pryor’s statement rather interesting, as if he was telling Cotton “how dare you confront me and run for MY senate seat, you wet behind the ears youngster.” Pryor’s comment gives off the stench of someone believing you have to “pay your dues” and give homage. And it was further perplexing that Pryor would use the reference “entitled” to describe a combat veteran who has served his country.

It’s easy to see the real “entitled” one is Pryor, whose father David is a former senator and governor, well-known in Arkansas and has played a prominent role in his son’s re-election campaign. Seems to me ol’ sonny boy Mark Pryor is part of the nepotism and cronyism of the family political elites — Daddy has also called for ol’ Bubba Clinton to come back and help Mark.

There’s a new crop of young, energized Republicans running this time ’round and it has the Democrats running scared.

Take Alaska Senator Mark Begich — who is in a worse situation running against Marine Reserve Lt. Col. Dan Sullivan (another candidate endorsed by the Allen West Guardian Fund) — you know, another one of those combat veterans who feels he’s “entitled.”

Both Pryor and Begich are doing everything possible to follow the mantra of Allison Lundergan Grimes and distance themselves from President Barack Hussein Obama by way of denial. The case for denial may just be easier for Grimes — but Pryor and Begich both have a voting record. However, if you sneak over and read the leftist progressive propaganda at Huffington Post and Daily Kos, you’ll see the legions are being dispatched — the unions — now you know where those dues actually end up.

You see Pryor, Begich, Grimes — actually every Democrat running for reelection this 2014 midterm cycle — doesn’t have a single positive point to present to constituents. And since Obama so smugly stated, “my policies are on the ballot,” Democrats — i.e. progressive socialists — are in fullscale personal attack mode since nothing else will work. These acolytes of Obama cannot defend any of his economic, energy, foreign, or national security policies. Therefore the best they can do –as with Pryor — is try to label his opposition as “entitled.”

The GOP has the advantage in running younger candidates this cycle who are aggressive and energetic. The Left is actually using Ebola as an attack line – how pathetic and desperate.

However, this election is far from over and it will be a fight until the end. The GOP candidates must win outside of the “margin of cheating” — something I learned in 2012. The Left is going to pull out all its tricks to stop the possibility of the GOP turning the legislative branch. Sadly, the progressive socialists of the Democrat Party won’t put such relentless effort into getting Americans back to work, slowing down the growth of our debt, securing our border, stopping ISIS, cordoning off Ebola and the enterovirus, retrieving our Marine from Mexico, getting the truth about Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, or stopping “workplace violence” in America.

Nope, America isn’t “entitled” to good governance from the Democrat Party. All the Democrats will provide is rule by power-mad tyrants.

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