Chilling ISIS army training video: This ain’t no jayvee team

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At a time when President Obama is deploying our combat troops to West Africa to contend with Ebola, take a gander at this recently-released ISIS recruiting video – these guys are certainly not a “jayvee” team.

Can you imagine what would happen to a drill instructor in our military who kicked a recruit in the stomach? Yep, ACLU and all the other limp-wrist left wing progressive groups would come out and demand charges be brought against him.

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The focus of the Obama administration towards our military has been social egalitarianism — repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, women in combat units, attacking Christians in the military, transgender troops — all while decimating our capability and capacity.

I also noticed the use of live ammunition in training exercises — certainly too extreme for progressives — but once upon a time that was how we trained our recruits as they prepared for combat. Also, I see onw of the ISIS instructors holding an M16A2 rifle — wonder where he got that from?

With the greatest intelligence and surveillance platforms in the world, there is no way possible that any jihadist training camp should be established in the open — unless we’re not utilizing those assets.

Here are the numbers ladies and gents. Since we began the so-called “airstrikes” against ISIS on August 8th there have been a total of 424 airstrikes — 53 of those have been flown in support of Kobani. Out of those 423 airstrikes, 334 targets have been hit as of October 13th. That equates to 5.8 airstrikes a day since August 8th — hardly an air campaign folks, and someone should tell the National Security Advisor that this isn’t working and there needs to be a strategy — not a change, because we don’t have a strategy.

We are not degrading and certainly not destroying ISIS — especially if they are putting out You Tube recruiting videos. In addition, on Monday an Iraqi army base in the town of Hit was overrun and ISIS has turned its sights on a neighboring major air base at Al Assad — more equipment and weapons for the bad guys.

Oh — and we just found out that an American national was shot to death in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh — home to the fella to whom Obama bowed.

Obama’s response? More golf and fundraisers.

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