Teenage Guatemalan illegals carjack a 91-year-old veteran

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I was just in Moline, Illinois on Wednesday of this week to speak on behalf of my former Congressional colleague Bobby Schilling who is running to win back the seat he lost in 2012 — Congressional District 17. Thursday morning I took a very peaceful and picturesque run along the Mississippi River. But Moline isn’t always so peaceful. While it may be far from the southern border, it is feeling the brunt of the illegal alien onslaught.

Two teenage Guatemalan illegals escaped a detention facility in Des Plaines, hijacked a car belonging to a 91-year-old veteran and made their way to Moline and Walmart. The man was picking up his VA prescription from Walmart and was ordered out of his Buick LeSabre by the teens, who also rammed a vehicle leaving the parking lot in their haste to escape.

Fox -18 KLJB reports, “Iowa officers initiated a short pursuit this afternoon, deploying stop sticks on Interstate 80 near Iowa City, arresting the teens. They say no one was hurt. “I mean the 91-year-old veteran was a little shook up but actually he did everything right when he gave them the car,” Moline Detective Scott Williams said. “He didn’t try to fight ’em.’ Police say the surveillance video at Walmart helped them identify the suspects, aged 16 and 17. Now they are awaiting charges from Moline and Des Plaines.”

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This carjack all happened while I was there in Moline, a sleepy little town beside the Mississippi, home to 45,000 residents and the John Deere headquarters. You have to wonder if these two Guatemalan teens were part of the recent influx, resulting from Barack Hussein Obama’s illegal Dream Act executive order, that brought an increase from Central America of illegal aliens — who we were told were escaping crime and violence in their native country — so they brought it here?

The lack of respect shown by these animals who would attack a 91-year-old veteran is unconscionable but understandable from those who have no respect or regard for our rule of law – and certainly not for those who have been willing to serve our country.

I just have to ask, what ever happened to the two teens who beat to death 88-year-old WW II veteran Delbert Belton last year in Spokane, Washington? Remember, Kenan Adams-Kinard and Demetrius Glenn, both of Spokane, Wash., “allegedly” murdered Belton in a parking lot in earlier last year during a robbery attempt. Both teens denied they committed murder and had a trial set for earlier this year on March 17th.

We have a Veterans Administration that is allowing our national treasures to die at the hands of a failing bureaucracy. And we have teens beating our vets and carjacking them.

I believe it’s time a class in respect for our veterans is taught in our middle and high schools. But more importantly, it’s time to get these criminal illegal aliens, regardless of age, out of the United States of America.

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