Bad news for Democrats in midterms: Obamacare will cancel 50,000 more plans

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Thursday while speaking at Northwestern University, President B. Hussein Obama took the time to tout his “signature domestic policy,” the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. The echo chamber in which he resides leads him to continually express his glee regarding the success of the policy. Well, sure, some folks are getting free healthcare — at the expense of others who have seen their healthcare premiums rise. And then there are those who lost the plans they had while we’re still wasting billions on a defective website — and the effects of the employer mandate still haven’t manifested, thanks to the un-Constitutional executive branch-ordered delay.

Well, there may some more surprises a-coming, thanks to that fantastic bill that had to be passed in order to find out what was in it (thank you, Nancy Pelosi).

As reported by The Daily Caller, “Tens of thousands more Obamacare cancellations are going to pile up over the next month, potentially putting pressure back on the health-care law in the weeks before the election. Insurance companies across the country are slated to send close to 50,000 people cancellation notices before November, according to the Morning Consult. That includes at least 30,000 New Mexicans who will be kicked off their plans, the Albuquerque Journal reported Tuesday. Another 14,000 people in Kentucky (mostly Humana customers) and 800 Moda customers in Alaska will receive cancellation letters by Oct. 1. Both states accepted three-year extensions of plans not compliant with Obamacare regulations, but top insurers are ending their plans early. It’s a financial boost for Obamacare exchange insurers (both Humana in Kentucky and Moda in Alaska offer exchange plans) to terminate their noncompliant plans.”

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So what gives? I’m sure those folks were told they had a three-year extension — well, it didn’t even last one year. And remember Obama’s unilateral voice command to reinstate those insurance policies deemed non-compliant? It came after he’d chided folks for having these plans in the first place. This is the never-ending shell game that is Obamacare.

When customers first began receiving notices in 2013 that Obamacare regulations had made their health care plans illegal, the public outcry at President Barack Obama’s outright lie that if you liked your plan you could keep it prompted the Obama administration to issue one year-long delay, and then another. However, states that went along with the extension now realize that insurance companies don’t have to keep offering the plans. In many cases, it’s much more beneficial for insurers to discontinue the noncompliant plans.

Why not just allow people to have Health Savings Accounts — non taxable, which is not what Obamacare does. Furthermore, in many cases, Obamacare has just expanded MEDICAID coverage — meaning somebody pays. The uncertainty is hurting our middle-income American families who are working so hard to make ends meet — and what happens when the employer mandate delay runs out?

The Daily Caller says, “also this month, around 2,000 people will receive notices from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. And Colorado officials admitted last month that another 2,000 customers would be losing their coverage this year, on top of almost 250,000 who had their policies cancelled in 2013.”

Remember the fundamental premise of Obamacare is that it requires more healthier individuals to sign up on exchanges in order to assume the cost of the less healthy. Therefore, it was necessary to push Americans off plans deemed “non-compliant” onto the exchanges to cover costs — just as with young people being forced onto the healthcare exchanges. It was all about reducing options to consumers — certainly not a free market principle. However, when the Obama administration extended the plans, many insurers were left in a bind because they didn’t see the influx of healthier, previously insured customers they had expected. This was a factor in the Obama administration’s decision to pave the way to expand a risk corridor program into handing insurers federal taxpayer funding — in other words, the insurance company bailout plan.

We wrote here earlier about the Obama administration’s attempts to coerce and intimidate the insurance industry into not releasing higher healthcare premium rates entering into Fiscal Year 2015. Now you’ll have another round of insurance policy cancellation notices going out just a month before the crucial midterm elections. There was anger a year ago, there will be anger again.

How can anyone say Obamacare is a success? It’s a serious case of “whack-a-mole” and you never really know where the mole will pop up next.

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