Will Hong Kong pro-democracy protests turn into another Tiananmen Square?

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You may recall President Barack Hussein Obama stating his foreign policy strategy would be about pivoting away from the Middle East to focus on the Pacific Rim. Ya gotta wonder if he’s reading the intel briefs on what’s happening in Hong Kong.

On that tiny island a true representation of a free market economy is making a stand against the autocracy of mainland Communist China. This is the same China which is threatening our ally Japan and has assumed control over the Senkaku Islands. And the impending Red China threat is why Japan is seeking to alter its constitution to allow for an expanded military — not just a self-defense force.

Taiwan is concerned as well as the Philippines, where they’ve witnessed Chinese encroachment into the Scarborough Shoals — even Vietnam is worried about growing Chinese expansion. China under Xi Jinping has signed agreements with Vladimir Putin and Russia and as we’ve reported here, is conducting joint naval exercises with Iran.

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So will Obama turn his back on the young people of Hong Kong just as he did the Green movement in Iran? Take a listen to this interview between Neil Cavuto and former Reagan economic advisor Art Laffer about the economic success that is Hong Kong and the ramification on the global economy of the unrest. Could it be we’re about to witness the Tiananmen Square of this generation?

As reported by Fox News, “Hong Kong’s chief executive refused to meet with pro-democracy protesters by the Wednesday deadline they had set for the Chinese government, shortly after he demanded the protesters stop their campaign “immediately.” The protesters threatened to expand the protests that have clogged the streets with tens of thousands of people. It’s the stiffest challenge to the authority of China’s government in Hong Kong since Beijing took control of the former British colony in 1997.”

There is no doubt China feels free to act with complete impunity and abject belligerence as it aims to impose its communist will upon Hong Kong and erode its freedoms.

Why are they protesting in Hong Kong? The citizens want a reversal of a decision by China’s government in August that a pro-Beijing panel will screen all candidates in the territory’s first direct elections, scheduled for 2017 — a move they view as reneging on a promise that the chief executive will be chosen through “universal suffrage.” In other words China wants to subvert the electorate in Hong Kong and implant its own crony in order to control the Hong Kong economy for its purpose.

What China did realize in 1997 when it took control of Hong Kong was that it would be possible for a communist regime to use a free market economic segment for its purposes. We are witnessing a China that is not improving the quality of life of its citizens. The goal of its economic gains — and expanding trade deficit with America — is to grow its military, mainly its naval forces. As well, the new DF-21 Chinese anti-ship missile severely threatens our Pacific fleet, namely our aircraft carriers with its ability to ensure a “mission kill” — which means degrade operational capability. Now it seems critical for China to gain complete and utter control of Hong Kong, which these pro-democracy protesters refute.

Fox reports that “Leung Chun-ying had said Tuesday that Beijing would not reverse its earlier decision to hand-pick eligible candidates to lead the former British colony, which became part of China in 1997. “I don’t believe that the continued use of illegal activities will compel the Chinese government to reverse the… ruling by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee,” said Leung, who also rejected calls from the protesters to step down. “Any personnel change before the implementation of universal suffrage is achieved would only allow Hong Kong to continue to pick its leader under the Election Committee model,” he added.”

“China’s government takes a hard line against any threat to its monopoly on power and has condemned the protests as illegal. However, it has not overtly intervened, leaving Hong Kong authorities to handle the situation under the “one country, two systems” arrangement that guaranteed the former British colony separate legal and economic systems and Western-style civil liberties after China took control in 1997.” That is the true threat.

You see, if China cannot take control of Hong Kong and eradicate the “one country, two systems” agreement, it will erode the power of the central Chinese government. This is unacceptable for Xi Jinping and he realizes this is the time to move while America that is weak. I’d hope Obama is reading or taking his intel brief on this situation but perhaps that hope does not spring eternal.

But hey, he can always act surprised and blame the intel community for discounting or underestimating China’s intentions and actions. The use of social media and the free press has precluded China from taking its normal actions of a severe crackdown that is its modus operandi.

Will the Obama administration abandon the Hong Kong movement like he did the Green movement in Iran? Will he take the side with China to crack down and take control of Hong Kong as he did in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood? There is an established precedent — stand by, as we’ve not heard anything from Obama about the situation.

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