Obama tramples Constitution again with plan to fund lawyers for illegal kids

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It amazes me how quickly we move from crisis to crisis with the Obama administration. Some time ago, we were glued to the news watching massive numbers of illegal aliens crossing our border, and somehow they’ve all just disappeared. Well, they always say follow the money — and it tells quite a story.

As the Washington Times reports, “The Obama administration will pay $9 million over the next two years to give taxpayer-funded attorneys to some of the illegal immigrant children who have surged across the U.S. border this year, the Health and Human Services Department said Tuesday. About 2,600 immigrants will be able to be represented by lawyers thanks to the funds, which were awarded in two grants to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, according to a notice to be published in the Federal Register on Thursday.”

Wait a minute. It was just last week that Obama and his pen declared illegal aliens will be allowed to enlist in our military. Quite perplexing at a time when we’re “pink slipping” active duty members. I guess Obama prefers illegals? Where is the $9 million for our own warriors?

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Just as a reminder, the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 declares that only the Congress can take action on matters of naturalization — but I guess “What difference at this point does it make?” — you know, that ol’ constitution thing.

Always looking to appease his political base, the Times says “illegal alien advocates cheered the decision, which they’d been demanding for months, saying it will not only help the children get a fair hearing on asylum claims, but it will also make the court proceedings go faster, which will end up saving the government money.”

And we have written previously on the DoJ decision about the whole asylum issue, which is just another means to backdoor our system.

According to the Washington Times, “administration critics in Congress said the move could violate federal law and will most likely prolong illegal immigrants’ time in the U.S., encouraging more children to make the dangerous crossing.”

“To end the surge at the border, the Obama administration should instead focus its efforts on deterring future border crossers and enforcing the laws against illegal entry into the United States,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, Virginia Republican. “Without such actions, the flood of people attempting to cross the border illegally will only continue.” The administration’s move marks another effort to circumvent Congress.”

Sorry Chairman Goodlatte, this is exactly what Obama intends to do — flood the country with illegals — after all, that’s what he promised the radical Hispanic groups such as LULAC and La Raza. And this is being done quietly so as to not upset the midterm elections — but alas, we here will continue to expose the nefarious intents of Barack Hussein Obama and his progressive socialist acolytes. Yesterday, we asked the question about the correlation between the mysterious respiratory illness affecting our children and the influx of these illegal alien children. Makes you wonder…

Clearly Obama cares only about his progressive socialist agenda and legacy — not about American children who have dreams.

The Times reports that “Obama had requested $15 million to provide lawyers for the children in his emergency spending request earlier this summer, but Congress left town without approving the money.”

So I suppose he just appropriated the funds himself? Again, only Congress appropriates funds — there I go again with that Constitutional responsibility thing. And talk about “home cooking” — the Washington metropolitan region, with its high population of Central American immigrants, has taken an outsize number of the children, so it’s not surprising the Baltimore/Arlington region is one of eight areas that will get the money for lawyers. The other seven are: Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Dallas, Memphis, Tennessee, New Orleans and Phoenix. The Catholic bishops and USCRI will decide which children get lawyers. The Times says neither organization returned messages seeking comment on Tuesday about how they would spend the money.

Methinks any organization receiving American taxpayer funds should be responsive to inquiry — just sayin’. And where is the Freedom from Religion Foundation or the American Humanist Association on this? Seems to me this is truly an example of a violation of separation of church and state. And this is about a religious organization receiving American taxpayer dollars — state dollars — to do political bidding, that ain’t right! The statue at the Madison County high school which has FFRF and AHA all up in arms was donated by private funds, so c’mon, you mean to tell me this doesn’t represent the same “political activity” that the FFRF settled with the IRS in a lawsuit?

Oops, forgot, if it’s about progressive socialists or Islamo-fascists they can do anything they want since the secular humanists find it so much easier to attack Christians and their faith. Hey, FFRF and AHA, you guys suck, really, I mean that because here we have a serious violation of the Constitution and you’re saying nothing. I bet if a Christian organization got American taxpayer funding to support pro-life you’d all be up in freakin’ arms.

Ladies and gents, I present to you just another reason to vote out all Democrats that you can in November and remember that the progressive socialists, Islamo-fascists and secular humanists have all aligned themselves against our Constitutional Republic. Time to fight back.

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