Everything Obama doesn’t want to talk about at Northwestern University today

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President Obama is heading to Northwestern University to make his best attempt to change the subject — for the umpteenth time he wants to talk about the economy. Obama will tout “private sector job growth” which sadly is mostly part-time — and we need 400,000 or more private sector jobs to be created to sustain this failing economy.

Obama was asked Ronald Reagan’s seminal question on 60 Minutes this past Sunday, “are you better off than you were six years ago?” In his deluded brain he responded that the American people are. The numbers show something different.

We are at an all-time low for the workforce participation rate. Poverty has increased and food stamp recipients are up from 31 million to 47 million. Home ownership is down and gas prices are still high compared to the $1.89 when he came into office.

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The Federal Reserve holds the bulk of our national debt — which under Obama has grown from $10.67 trillion to $17.5 trillion — and their insidious practice of printing money to sustain our economy only means we have mini0inflation — just go to the grocery store if you don’t believe me.

So off goes Obama to speak — at the same university that wants to unionize college football athletes — to talk more about minimum wage, more government spending, and pay equality — hardly free market economic growth policies, just more progressive socialist political soundbites.

The discussion has to be about tax, regulatory, government, and monetary reforms that reignite a free market economic explosion — instead we have a government spending-driven economy. Instead of Obama attacking private sector business with increased taxation and regulations, forcing more to escape his socialist economic tyranny, he should advance reforms that enable the captains of industry to produce and manufacture more right here.

Thank God we have energy visionaries who are creating and expanding our oil and natural gas production on state and private lands allowing gas prices to drop. That is what happens when you allow the private sector to use its investment, innovation, and ingenuity – even though the Obama administration’s EPA and BLM are doing everything they can to defeat these efforts.

Things like a flat tax, removing the 50-employee barrier from Obamacare — as well as the employer mandate. Obama exploded our deficits only to now claim he has cut them in half, but they’re still astronomically high. We must stop quantitative easing, because we are developing an artificial and false economy and this next bubble isn’t going to just burst, it’ll be a nuclear explosion.

Obama doesn’t want to talk about not attending his intel briefs, the rise of ISIS and Islamic fascism and jihadism, the situation in Yemen and the possible evacuation of our embassy, the Hong Kong protests, the resignation of his Secret Service Director, an American with Ebola, the beheading of an American, American children dying and becoming paralyzed by some “mysterious respiratory illness,” U.S. Marine SGT Andrew Tahmooressi, U.S. Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl, the decimation of our U.S. Military, the un-Constitutional dispersion of illegal immigrants throughout our Republic — did I miss anything?

No B. Hussein, we’re not better off than we were six years ago — and sadly we still have two more years of you. Go ahead and make your speech at Northwestern University, because everyone other than your kool-aid drinking progressive socialist acolytes ain’t listening to your lies anymore.

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