Why can’t Congress find the moral courage for this constitutional ISIS crisis?

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Trust me, I don’t think there’s anyone more adamant than I am about killing ISIS, but we are a Constitutional Republic and operate under a rule of law — at least we did before Barack Hussein Obama came on the scene.

I firmly support attacking Islamic terrorist groups wherever they exist. If they don’t see borders then neither should we. But we have a process in America prescribed within the Constitution that is once again being abjectly dismissed — only Congress can declare a war.

As reported by Politico, “Congress was already under pressure to vote on giving President Barack Obama authority to use force in Syria — then the Obama administration started dropping bombs on Monday. The White House has relied on previous authorizations of force to conduct humanitarian missions earlier in Iraq this summer and targeted strikes on the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Now that the president is expanding the U.S. offensive to Syria, a growing number of lawmakers argue Congress is unduly ceding constitutional power to the White House, and they are pushing party leaders to prioritize passing a new Authorization of the Use of Military Force during the lame-duck session.”

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We previously reported here about Obama’s “flexible” mind about the Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), the original was requested and granted to the Bush administration in 2001 after the 9-11 attacks. Obama now believes the original AUMF gives him cover to bomb his 7th country.

We all know what transpired in Libya where Obama advised us of an imminent humanitarian crisis and violated the War Powers Resolution in order to provide arms and air support to Islamists — look how that ended up. So here we go again with the imperial executive who believes the legislative branch is beneath him — you can just imagine the media outrage if this were a Republican president — all we hear now is silence!

But why is Congress so willing to cede its constitutional authority and wait until a lame duck session? What is more important, politics or the preservation of our Constitutional Republic? Speaker of the House John Boehner should cut off funding for any more combat operations, order the House of Representatives back to DC, and demand the president present his case before Congress for approval by way of a vote. I don’t give a damn about the politics surrounding this, it’s about the rule of law.

Even Democrat Senator Martin Heinrich (NM) says strikes in Syria “should create a real sense of urgency in terms of writing a timely and much narrower AUMF that reflects the challenge that we face today. I don’t think we should be using a decade-plus old authorization of the use of military force to be doing what we’re doing today.”

Politico reports, “To underscore how seriously lawmakers are taking the push for a congressional vote during an otherwise dead period on Capitol Hill, consider Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), a first-term lawmaker who served as governor and party chairmen. He’s on a media tour de force to raise awareness about what he believes is a congressional duty to vote on the conflict that lawmakers are neglecting. And if it continues, he and Heinrich argue, the White House will garner power in a precedent-defining way that could linger for decades. The Virginia Democrat on Tuesday afternoon took to the Center for American Progress — a reliable Obama ally — to deliver an hour of scathing critiques for those that want the president to continue attacking the Islamic State without a vote in Congress.”

There is a true constitutional crisis developing and the representatives of the people are doing nothing. Nothing! Obama has committed the United States to war without Congressional approval — something that the hated George W. Bush did twice! So what gives progressive socialists? Is there a double standard when you all are ruling? Is this the new normal for America and is it ok for Obama to set this precedent?

Politico says “Kaine called the White House’s argument surrounding the old authorizations an “extremely creative stretch by extremely creative lawyers,” saying it amounted to “torture of the English language” and calling the logic “specious.”

He isn’t alone. This isn’t just some vast right wing conspiracy — as a matter of fact, we hear more from Democrats on this issue than Republicans.

According to Politico, “Former Rep. Martin Frost (D-Texas), asked Kaine at the Center for American Progress why this president seemed so much more reluctant than the previous two Republican presidents in prioritizing a successful, bipartisan military authorization vote on the House and Senate floor. George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush “maintained that they had the inherent authority of commander in chief but then they embraced Congress acting. So far, the president has not embraced Congress specifically passing an authorization,” Frost said.”

We are all asking the same thing Rep. Frost — and the answer is clear. Obama doesn’t feel bound by the Constitution at all. Furthermore, Obama realizes the GOP has no leadership that will stand up to him, they will cower and defer — something that I doubt a Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be doing!

So, while these congressional elected officials are back home, we should be pounding them to get back to DC and get this Obama administration under Constitutional control. Unless y’all are ok with just another example of Obama’s disrespect of our Constitution and our rule of law.

This is indefensible and we all want ISIS to be destroyed, but it’s not a unilateral decision for one man to make. When Julius Caesar began to see himself as an Emperor and not a servant in the Roman Republic the Roman Senate took a drastic action — all we are asking our Congress to do is find their moral courage. Is that too much to ask?

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