I’m Tahmooressi: I call on my brothers and sisters in uniform to start a campaign

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While everyone is locked onto what’s happening — actually not happening with ISIS – I just want to ask, where is Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl? I mean how long does it take to bring charges against a known deserter?

Bergdahl left his assigned duty post without his weapon, body armor and sensitive items. His desertion from a combat outpost is known, not debatable, and carries a serious punishment. His platoon mates have provided testimony which was part of a 2010 classified Pentagon report. So I just have to ask, what is the holdup?

And while Bergdahl is free to roam about Ft. Sam Houston, what is the status of Marine SGT Andrew Tahmooressi? You know, the U.S. Marine who simply made a wrong turn — although the progressive socialist Left has begun an internet campaign to discredit him — a two-combat tour vet who suffers from PTSD.

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Well I have a campaign in mind as well.

In the mindset of a progressive socialist, Bergdahl is a hero — hence why Obama hugged up Bergdahl’s mom at a White House Rose garden ceremony. Bergdahl refused to fight for his country and turned his back on America while condemning it — in a combat zone. And that’s why he’s being shielded by the Obama administration — not just to show regard for Bergdahl, but to deflect shame from Obama. Fighting and killing the enemy is a very bad thing to progressive socialists. Deserting your post in combat to condemn your country’s war effort is perceived as courageous by the party of Code Pink.

On the other hand, Andrew’s mother Jill Tahmooressi has never heard from Obama and sits forlorn as her son languishes in a Mexican jail for no apparent reason, abandoned by his Commander-in-Chief. Obama and his ilk care little for Andrew. I can imagine in their private gatherings they deride him and consider him a dumb Marine who got what he deserved for doing something they think is stupid. Remember how the Left elevated Cindy Sheehan and even thought of running her for political office? So where is the sympathetic shoulder for Ms. Tahmooressi? And for that matter, where are the Leftist voices screaming out for the mothers who lost their sons in Extortion 17?

This tale of two sergeants shows how the progressives view our men and women in uniform. So here’s my idea for a campaign.

The next time Obama travels to a military installation and gives one of his pathetic teleprompter speeches, everyone in uniform should refuse to say a word and just hold up a sign that reads “I’m Tahmooressi.” Because as far as Obama is concerned, it could be any one of you. I dare any member in the chain of command to reprimand a man or woman in uniform who does it. Disrespectful? No, it’s a statement of unity in the Brotherhood of Warriors, something about which Obama needs a lesson.

And until SGT Andrew Tahmooressi is brought home — with his car and three weapons — wherever Obama goes he should see signs that simply say, “I’m Tahmooressi” – Just like that famous scene in the 1960 movie “Spartacus.”

We are all Marine SGT Andrew Tahmooressi until he comes home and let Obama go nowhere in this country and not see his name. I’m Tahmooressi!
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