Liberal twit Bill Maher attacks GOP Rep. John Kline who “might be Jewish”

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The hypocrisy of the progressive socialist Left marches on without any semblance of decency in political discourse. We shared the inane comments of Democrat congressional candidates in Iowa demanding amnesty to prevent illegals from becoming terrorists. Another Democrat congressional candidate in Alabama compared House GOP members to ISIS saying they’re actually worse. And then there’s DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her comparison of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s policies to spouse abuse.

You have to figure the far left progressives couldn’t stoop any lower – but, nah, there’s farther to go, dragged there happily by Bill Maher.

As reported by the Washington Times, “Bill Maher announced Friday that he will personally target Minnesota Republican Rep. John Kline for defeat this November. The liberal host announced the “winning loser” during a live broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” in Washington DC, after viewers nominated Mr. Kline for the host’s “Flip a District” challenge, The Hill reported. He’s one of those silent threats you never see coming. … Ebola. ISIS. John Kline,” Mr. Maher said of the Minnesota congressman. “He embodies the sellouts that keep this town running.” On the “Flip a District” website, Mr. Maher describes Mr. Kline, chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, as an “anti-environment, anti-union, anti-mine safety, pro-war party hack.”

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“Shortly after the announcement, Mr. Maher admitted he doesn’t know much about Mr. Kline. “I’ve never heard of John Kline, but he sounds like he might be Jewish,” he joked, The Post reported. Mr. Kline is Methodist.”

I personally know Rep. John Kline and was just up in his hometown supporting him. John Kline is a retired Marine COL, a helicopter pilot, and was given the responsibility of carrying the “nuclear football” for President Ronald Reagan. Rep. Kline’s wife is a former Army Nurse, also a retired officer, and his son is an Army combat commander with several combat deployments.

And this is the type of person the poster child of leftist slime, Bill Maher, has chosen to attack? Someone that Maher admits he knows nothing about? So, imagine what the left wing liberal media would say if Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or any other conservative political commentator referred to a Democrat member of Congress as a “silent threat that you do not see coming like Ebola and ISIS?”

Some will say Maher is just an entertainer and who cares what he says – that’s always the typical progressive socialist response. The Times reports that “Rep. Kline’s challenger, Democrat Mike Obermueller, issued a statement endorsing Mr. Maher’s pick, arguing that Mr. Kline is “beginning to receive the attention he deserves for his actions.”

So a decorated retired US Marine Corps officer is compared to a savage Islamic terrorist army that beheads Americans? And the Democrat congressional candidate agrees. Oh, and by the way, Democrat New York Rep. Tim Bishop referred to me as a “Godfather of the Tea Party” – but that’s another story.

This is the Democrat Party and they are proud of who they are as their abhorrent behavior is embraced, applauded and rewarded. Imagine the outrage and coverage from the accomplice liberal progressive media if the shoe were on the other foot — heck, we all remember the apoplectic state of hysteria in response to the comments of Murdoch and Akin in the 2012 election cycle.

I only wish the hate and angst that progressive socialists display towards their political opposition could be mustered up for ISIS and the real enemies of the state. Consider this statement by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader on the Bill Maher show last week Friday and reported by the Examiner, ”Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy if the Republicans win the Senate.” But even more disturbing was Pelosi’s follow-up statement, “Fear is a motivator and we are not fearmongers,” she claimed. “The Democrats are messengers of hope and that’s what we will continue to be.”

So, the House GOP and a GOP Committee Chairman, a former Marine officer, are like ISIS — even worse. And if the GOP wins the Senate civilization would be in jeopardy — but ISIS is not Islamic.

The Democrat Party is quite obviously devoid of any ideas — but chock full of vile vitriol — and those of you who vote for this are no better. At least we know the tactics of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals are alive and well. And we all know to whom Alinsky dedicated his book (Lucifer, in case you forgot).

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