Food stamp recipients could fill Yankee Stadium 925 times

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Recently we reported there are 92 million Americans out of work who didn’t look for employment last month – while there were 9 million out of work who were still looking. And you must understand, since the 92 million aren’t looking, they’re not counted as “unemployed” therefore giving the impression that American unemployment is only 6.1 percent.

Well, we haven’t looked at the growth of the welfare nanny-state for sometime. As we are winding down the baseball season — which is the last season for Yankee stalwart Derek Jeter — I figured we could pay tribute to the Yankees as we examine the explosion of the dependency society.

For reference, Yankee stadium is able to hold 50,291 fans. According to CNS News, “In June 2014, there were 46,496,145 individual recipients of the food stamp program, which is enough to fill the Yankee Stadium 925 times, according to data from the Department of Agriculture (USDA). The number of recipients was up 270,999 since the previous month in May 2014 when there were 46,225,146 individuals participating in the program.”

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I might want to be careful because New York City’s avowed socialist Mayor, Bill de Blasio may just mandate that Yankee Stadium only allow food stamp recipients for the next 925 games – and a baseball season is 162 games. Regardless, what is happening in America? Is the American dream being eroded to become the American nightmare?

I suppose if we listen to progressive socialists, the only folks who deserve dreams are those here illegally — ala the Dream Act.

So is the whole thing about a $15 minimum wage just more smoke and mirrors to entice the masses and make them focus on the cute shiny toy? All the while not realizing how they’re being forced into a permanent state of poverty — economic servitude to the state.

I guess if you are measuring increased dependency as a criteria, our economy is indeed improving. Now, to be fair to Barack Hussein Obamanomics, participation in the SNAP program peaked for individuals in December of 2012, when there were 47,792,056 persons participating. So we have seen a decline in participation for individuals by 1,295,911 individuals.

However, since the beginning of the data that appears on the USDA website, participation has increased 7.6 percent. Going back to October 2010, there were 43,201,052 recipients of SNAP benefits. Therefore almost four years later the number of beneficiaries has increased by 3,295,093 individuals. I know somehow this will all be George W. Bush’s fault — as Obama likes to say, a previous administration. Go ahead progressive socialists, give it your best shot — and make sure you assign the evolution of ISIS to Bush as well.

Prince Charming Obama isn’t responsible for anything and that’s what makes him so very alluring for progressive socialists. I wonder how many rounds of golf would Obama have to play to equate to 46,225,146 holes? (2,568,064, by the way) But, don’t tell him because he just might try to achieve that goal in the final two years of what is becoming without debate, the worst presidency ever in American history — regardless of how many liberal school teachers in D.C. who want to have papers written comparing Bush with Hitler — can you imagine the leftist media’s outrage if that were a Tea Party teacher?

Let’s try to agree that under Obama’s watch, middle-income families have suffered, their wages have been depressed, food and gas commodity prices have increased, and the dependency society has exploded — all while we have anemic economic and GDP growth. Dow Jones up, you say? Well, if I’m printing money, sure, I can make it grow as large as I want. The truth is known on Main Street though.

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Holy mackerel! Look what's happened to food stamp usage under Trump

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