Have helmet bag, will travel: I’m on the road again

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Good Saturday morning, and as you’re reading this, I’m heading out for another road trip, heading to “Happy Valley” in Pennsylvania to stand in support of my former colleague and friend Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson. GT is hosting the “Rally in the Valley” picnic event in Julian, PA and I’m looking forward to sharing time with his constituents.

Plus I get the opportunity to see State College, the home of the Penn St Nittany Lions – as a matter of fact they have me bunking down at the Nittany Lion Inn. I’m also looking forward to a Sunday morning run on the campus, hopefully past the historic Beaver Stadium which has moved past my alma mater’s Neyland Stadium — speaking of the Tennessee Volunteers.

There’s a little football game Saturday night, which will have my attention as the Vols head out to Norman Oklahoma to take on the number four Sooners. It will be a big test for our young Volunteer football team in Coach Butch Jones’ second season. We had a fantastic recruiting class and are rebuilding the offensive and defensive lines, but have awesome skill players. Last year our Vols went out to Eugene Oregon and got whacked by the quack attack of the Ducks, yep, it was 59-3. I’m looking for the Vols to play a competitive game with a very talented Sooner squad who returned nearly the whole shooting match after their big Sugar Bowl win over Alabama back in January of this year. Hopefully I’ll get to sing “Rocky Top” more than I have to hear “Boomer Sooner.”

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After Pennsylvania, I’ll head to Miilwaukee – my first time ever in Wisconsin! I hear the city lakefront is awesome which will make for a nice Monday morning run. I’ll be there to do that which I love best, speak on a university campus — this time it’s Marquette. I remember when Al McGuire and the Marquette Warriors (that was before they were forced to change their name) came into The Omni Atlanta and beat Dean Smith and the North Carolina Tar Heels in the 1977 NCAA basketball tournament — I was 16 and we were all enthralled with those Marquette uniforms — check out the video here. Those were the days before the college shot clock.

Marquette sadly is also the alma mater of the savagely murdered American journalist James Wright Foley…

My visit is being sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation and the Marquette University College Republicans. The topic will be the challenges facing our young generations — something I fully understand having a college senior daughter myself. We cannot be the first generation of Americans to leave less to a subsequent generation — not on our watch folks.

After my time in Milwaukee, where I hope to get a chance to see Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Jr. again, it’s off to Dallas.

In Dallas I’ll be the luncheon speaker for the National Center for Policy Analysis as part of the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation Distinguished Lecture Series — ain’t America great? I will also have the honor of addressing the Sumners Foundation Scholars from local Texas and Oklahoma Universities — depending on the results of the Vols-Sooners game, I might not be too friendly to any Sooners. The luncheon will be Wednesday at the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas – hope you can make it – and I’ll also be signing copies of Guardian of the Republic. The topic will be “Political Philosophy, Principles, Policy and its Effects in America Today” — and I can’t think of a better theme for our Constitutional Republic.

I’ll finally head home Wednesday evening back to South Florida to prepare for a trip back to my hometown of Atlanta to end the week.

So be it in Happy Valley, Milwaukee, Dallas — or in transit — I look forward to seeing y’all!

Steadfast and Loyal…Molon Labe!

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