So help me God, I will fight to restore this Constitutional Republic

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As I was running this morning I replayed in my mind President Barack Hussein Obama’s quite lame speech from last night — perhaps actions will restore my confidence.

As today is 9/11, my concern is that we need men and women in elected positions who understand what it means to prosecute combat operations — defeating and destroying the enemies of our Republic. While I was in Congress we started the Guardian PAC to support military and minority candidates running for federal office. In the 2012 election cycle we supported 10 candidates, seven won, and two of those who were unsuccessful are running again this cycle.

Just this week we announced three more endorsees of from the Allen West Guardian Fund PAC — COL Martha McSally (USAF, Ret), LTC Steve Russell (USA, Ret), and LtCol Dan Sullivan, still serving in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve as a commanding officer. You can learn more about all the candidates here.

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So far we’ve announced twelve stellar candidates for U.S. House and Senate offices in this vital 2014 election cycle. Is there any doubt why we need these focused and dedicated conservative candidates?

The challenges facing our America have never been so dire. Whether domestic or foreign, we are facing severe threats which will imperil the future we leave for our children and grandchildren. Our economy isn’t recovering at the necessary pace to sustain itself. Obamacare exists as the most massive tax law this country has seen perhaps in its history – with twenty new taxes. Its severe cuts to MEDICARE threaten that program’s viability — which if not addressed, will continue to explode the mandatory spending portion of our budget and increase our debt. Our college students who are struggling to find jobs post graduation are incurring massive debt and it is Obamacare which has nationalized college student loans under state control — one of the ten planks in the manifesto of Marx and Engels, by the way.

Food commodity and gasoline prices are skyrocketing, all while the value of our dollar is shrinking.

Our borders are not secured and illegal immigration is on the rise as countless thousands are being secretly dispersed throughout our nation. We hear how Americans need to be compassionate towards those here in violation of the rule of law – isn’t it funny – we’re told to make citizens of those whose existence in America is based on disrespecting our law and sovereignty.

Some speak of “dreamers” all the while destroying the dreams of our own American children and future generations — and those of us who defend the dreams of our own children are attacked. Furthermore, we’re called upon to foot an almost $770 million for illegal children to sit beside ours in schools.

The traditional American family is being decimated. Some fifty years ago, the out-of-wedlock birthrate in America was 6 percent, but today it’s closing in on 45 percent. And in my own black community, the out-of-wedlock birth rate is an astronomical 72 percent. Yet if you stand up for the traditional American family — hard working middle income families — you are attacked and denigrated.

We live in a time when traditional marriage and Judeo-Christian values are under assault — even in California, marriage licenses will no longer state husband” and wife but simply Spouse One and Spouse Two, like some Dr. Seuss characters.

Americans are being beheaded by the same enemy who 13 years ago sought to decapitate our nation — and still we struggle to name that enemy. We say we are war weary while the enemy presses its attack and advances all over the globe. Our foreign policy is non-existent and our national credibility is at an all time low. We have abandoned Americans under attack and stated, “what difference does it make” as we embolden enemies.

We need men and women of conviction to stand against the three philosophical enemies of our Constitutional Republic — progressive socialism, Islamo-fascism, and secular humanism. The only ones capable of tackling such an unholy alliance are constitutional conservatives — true Guardians of the Republic.

If standing upon the foundational principles of this land — limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, free market economy, and strong national defense — means to some that I am an “extremist,” gladly call me such, for then I stand along with our Founding Fathers. As opposed to the progressive socialist who declared, “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America” — that man, Barack Hussein Obama is the real extremist.

I take it as a badge of honor every time Democrats attack me personally and distort my words, thoughts, insights and perspectives. However, truth is powerful and just as vampires react to light, so do progressive socialists respond to truth.

It gives me great pride to know that as I travel to support Guardian PAC endorsed candidates it sends liberal progressives into an apoplectic state of hysteria. I’m a serious fella and these are serious times, and simply, I will defeat anyone who threatens my country.

I will not relent in my personal endeavor to restore this Constitutional Republic. I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same and I will continue to seek out candidates who will continue to honor the oath they once took — so help me God!

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