Who’s done more to hurt women overall, Ray Rice or progressive socialists?

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The “war on women” is a poll-tested, focus group developed, bumper sticker soundbite that progressive socialists have used to their electoral advantage. As everyone runs to demonize Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, they conveniently ignore a real war on women going on right now against black women.

According to a report by Newsone, “Unemployment rates are falling for almost everyone in America, but remain exceptionally high for black women. According to Labor Department statistics gathered by IBTimes.com, nearly 10.6 percent of adult African-American women above 20 are unemployed. This shameful statistic has remained unchanged since last year. Between June 2009 and June 2011, black women lost 258,000 jobs while black men gained 127,000 jobs. The National Women’s Law Center reported in 2009 that African American women make up 12.5 percent of all women workers in the U.S. but account for more than 42 percent of jobs lost by all women.”

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Why is it that the progressive socialists of the Democrat party trounce out little lily white privileged Georgetown law school student Sandra Fluke as the face of some politically-contrived war on women? Black women are suffering far worse under the policies of the first black president. If we base these statistics on what DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has said about Gov. Scott Walker, can we then interpolate that Obama has given black women the back of his hand? Has Obama been dragging black women around by the hair? Where is First Lady Michelle Obama on this subject? Should Mrs. Obama champion this instead of telling Americans what to eat?

Additionally, things aren’t any better for Hispanic women. Their unemployment rate has increased to 8.1 percent. Based on these numbers, you’d almost guess the employment rate for illegal immigrant Hispanic women just may be better.

Where is the liberal progressive media? Cat got their tongues? What about Rep. Marcia Fudge, Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, the so -called “conscience of the Congress?” Their silence is deafening. The Democrat Party doesn’t give a damn, especially since they know that black women will fall all over themselves defending Obama to the death (while remaining unemployed).

Remember this Fox News story of the struggling single black mother who is employed and trying to make good for their children — and faces jail for her honest mistake?

Last October, Shaneen Allen was pulled over in New Jersey’s Atlantic County after making an unsafe lane change in the early morning hours. When she was stopped for the traffic violation, Allen told the officer that she had the .380 Bersa Thunder handgun, as well as a concealed carry permit for Pennsylvania, unaware that her permit was not transferable to The Garden State. But she was charged nonetheless.

Allen had been robbed twice and decided she needed to protect herself and her two boys. Is anyone decrying a war on women in this case? What about the low income black mothers in Harlem whose children attend the venerable Success Academy Charter School, which was in the sights of avowed socialist and teachers union pet, New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio? Is there any word from good old Charlie Rangel?

Attention black women! Your precious Barack and Michelle Obama are making money hand over fist. Meanwhile, their kids attend the exclusive Sidwell Friends School. Never mind that you remain unemployed while struggling to make ends meet. The president and his family whisk away on Air Force One for ski trips, European vacations, African safaris, and attending their chef’s wedding. All the while, they’re laughing at you, knowing that you “sistas” will run to their defense at the drop of a dime.

Even more despairing, none of this is being reported by the mainstream media. Therefore, black women are relegated to the shadows, cast aside,and forgotten. The reported unemployment number for black women is 10.6 percent. The actual number, using realistic unemployment calculations, is probably closer to 15 percent. If the progressive socialists get their way and force the minimum wage to be jacked up to $15 an hour, even more black women will be unemployed.

We all know that progressive socialists despise — and I mean hate — black conservative women. It seems that they are hatin’ on all black women –well, at least those they don’t accept.

Remember when some black minister on Long Island complained when I said the Democrats are creating a twenty-first century economic plantation? Ya know what? The truth really does suck for progressive socialists.

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