Must watch: Chilling message to Obama from a former Muslim [VIDEO]

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I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch this direct message to President Obama from a former practicing Muslim from the “moderate” county of Morocco. Tomorrow we know President Barack Hussein Obama will deliver a speech on his strategy to defeat, destroy, degrade – whatever — ISIS. However, it is my hope that Obama will have seen this video and come to the realization that this conflict is not just about ISIS — which could be destroyed in a week if we had the resolve, not three years! It is about Islam.

This is an ideology, a movement, a theocratic-political totalitarian supremacist belief that is intent on global domination and it must be destroyed. Without that recognition, any attempt from a strategic level for victory will fall short.

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It is simple. When President Ronald Reagan was asked about defining victory in the Cold War he responded simply, “we win, they lose.” Instead today we have President Obama who continues to say what his strategy is not — no ground troops, no second Iraq War. And hence why his “strategy proposes a three-year promulgation of actions — all because of a lack of determined resolve. The message sent to ISIS is clear: go ahead, behead Americans while we try to convince others to fight you.

The 22 nations of the Arab League are talking about cutting off ISIS financial resources — yeah right — especially when countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, and members of the royal House of Saud are providing financial support. ISIS has declared war against the United States and we need to respond — WE need to respond. And how does Obama know it’s going to take three years? This is just like the Obama “surge” in Afghanistan and the defined timeline stated before it even began — hardly an astute strategic decision making premise.

What will be our domestic strategy to defeat the infiltration and recruitment of ISIS and other Islamist fighters? How will we send a clear diplomatic message to those nations supporting ISIS (as we discussed yesterday). How does the United States track down terrorist funding, not only to ISIS, and sanction it and cut it off? How do we develop a dedicated information operation to defeat Islamist ideology — as Brother Rachid articulates?

But more importantly, will we EVER develop the intestinal fortitude to meet groups like ISIS on the field of battle and crush them, with no restrictive Rules of Engagement, just focused and targeted killing? And that means wherever they are and run.

A strategy is a good thing, only if it is executed — which is what we shall be looking for. As well, we learn in the military that no plan survives first contact — will Obama be adaptive and insightful enough to realize this is a game of chess and not checkers and counter the Islamo-fascist enemy?

And why is it that Obama is delivering this strategy speech Wednesday when most Americans — well those who can — are working. Why not in prime time when this nation can be attentive, not distracted? This is much too important. It would be great to have a president who from the Oval Office resolute desk looks into the eyes of the American people and our allies — more importantly into the eyes of our enemies — and demonsrates strength of character, conviction and commitment to defend the honor of our Republic and its citizens. And furthermore, defends the foundational principles of liberty and freedom against the darkness of the followers of Mohammed — as Brother Rachid explains.

I predict that once again, Obama will just placate, give a speech, and simply leave this cancer for the next president to remove. If that is the case, then my fellow Americans, we don’t need another naive Islamist sympathizing intransigent anti-war ideologue. We will need a visionary, tough, intellectual, statesman — and above all, a warrior.

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