Holder investigates Ferguson, but homegrown jihadis get a pass

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Rahm Emanuel said it and the Obama administration lives it: “never let a good crisis go to waste.” You just have to wonder how long the Obama administration will seek to milk it in Ferguson. Missouri. I can answer that: As long as it takes to make a political impact for the midterm elections. So what’s the latest escapade?

As reported by Fox News, “Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that the Department of Justice is launching a civil rights investigation into the Ferguson, MO., Police Department after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen by one of its white officers. ‘The Department of Justice is working across the nation to ensure that the criminal justice system is fair, constitutional and free of bias,’ Holder said. ‘The interventions in Missouri are an important part of that commitment.’ ”

This of course comes from the Attorney General who openly stated his pride in being a social activist which we wrote about here. You’d think the top law enforcement officer in America would be more concerned about the fair and objective application of justice.

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Fox says, “a government official briefed on the planned investigation said the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division would be in charge of the probe. The inquiry is referred to as a “pattern and practice” investigation and will focus on the department’s policies. It will not focus on possible individual wrongdoing.”

Why is this? Because it’s just another example of the Obama administration playing politics.

Here is my true concern about this newest politicized endeavor by Holder and the Department of Justice. There is a greater issue in America being ignored:homegrown Islamic jihadism. We have had two Americans from the Minneapolis, Minnesota community who have been killed in Syria fighting for ISIS. Why don’t we have a Justice Department focusing its resources and assets there?

We just may be on the verge of having all our “civil rights” violated by the infiltration of Islamists right here at home. Why isn’t the Justice Department investigating Islamic radicalism occurring here in America? Radical Islamists are actively recruiting young men to depart these shores and join forces with a genocidal murderous barbaric army.

Fox says some sources in Ferguson have said that police disproportionately target black motorists during traffic stops. I think there are disproportionately more black people in Ferguson than there are whites to begin with. Fox says, “a 2013 report by the Missouri Attorney General’s office found that Ferguson police stopped and arrested black drivers nearly twice as frequently as white motorists. They were also less likely to find contraband among the black drivers. The police force in Ferguson is predominantly white, while approximately 70 percent of the town’s population of 21,000 is black.”

It would make good sense, therefore, to focus on community recruiting efforts to increase the number of blacks on the Ferguson police force. Why not examine how there can be better opportunities through education? Were the civil rights of the community business owners violated? Even more importantly, what about the civil rights of young black men in Chicago being gunned down by other blacks?

Why can’t the Obama administration allow the local and state authorities to handle this situation and stop the meddling and manipulation? I happen to believe it was a call from someone in the White House that influenced the comments of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

This all comes back to priorities and what is most important to the Obama administration. It appears that an ideological and political agenda takes precedence with Obama and Holder, not our domestic security. I would have preferred hearing that after the most recent declaration by an American who sought to join ISIS that the Justice department was focusing on hotbed areas of Islamic radicalization.

I find it interesting that this same Holder Justice Department didn’t find it necessary to investigate the civil rights violations of voters being intimidated by the New Black Panthers in 2008. However, they always find a way to cherry pick that which serves their progressive socialist agenda. The supposed “Great Uniter” has sadly turned out to be the Great Divider.

The only folks the Great Uniter has helped to unify are Islamo-fascists.

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