Dem candidate drops out of senate race – liberal shenanigans in full swing

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The midterm elections are fast approaching and the Democrats desperately want to retain control of the U.S. Senate. Harry Reid isn’t about to give up that Majority Leader gavel easily — which means progressive socialist shenanigans will be in full force, as already evident in the Sunflower State of Kansas — and folks it is despicable.

As reported by Fox News (by the way, check to see if any of the liberal progressive media sites cover this story), “The Democratic candidate in the race against Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas ended his campaign Wednesday, leaving an independent candidate and a Libertarian candidate to face off against the three-term Republican incumbent. Chad Taylor, a district attorney, informed the Kansas Secretary of State Wednesday that he is withdrawing from the race. Originally, his statement said “suspended,” but the word was lined through and replaced with a handwritten “terminated.” Taylor issued a separate statement saying he made the decision after consulting with his staff, supporters and Democratic Party leaders. He did not give a reason.”

The reason is quite apparent if you do the research — he was polling in last place. The truth is,Taylor was forced out by his own party — some loyalty there — because they feel the “odds are forever in their favor” by taking a different route.

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Fox says, “Taylor’s move could lead to broader support for the independent candidate in the race, Olathe businessman Greg Orman. There is also a Libertarian candidate, Randall Batson, of Wichita. Roberts’ executive campaign manager Leroy Towns called the move a “corrupt bargain” between Democratic leaders and Orman’s campaign and said Orman’s independent status is “a smoke screen.” Polling data from Real Clear Politics shows Roberts is favored to win the race in GOP-leaning Kansas. However, a recent poll from Democrat-leaning Public Policy Polling showed Orman had a 43 percent to 33 percent lead over Roberts if the race was just between the two of them.”

Get this, if all three candidates were in the race, 32 percent of voters would pick Roberts, 25 percent forTaylor and 23 percent for Orman, according to a Public Policy Polling poll. Heck, even a blind squirrel could find this nut — and just for PETA, no animals were injured in the use of this metaphor.

It all goes to demonstrate that the present-day Democrat party is devoid of principle, and possesses only a lust for power. You can just imagine what has been promised to Orman — watch out for a boost in fundraising and outside financial support. Imagine if Republicans were to pull the same type trick? This kind of reminds me of what’s happening here in Florida’s Gubernatorial race with characterless Charlie Crist who since 2012 has gone from Republican to Independent now to Democrat all because he wants political power — and guess what, the Democrats welcomed him with their party nomination over a lifelong Democrat, State Senator Nan Rich — sorry Nan.

I also remember late Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter who decided to switch parties and run for U.S. Senate as a Democrat when it seemed that he would lose his primary race — and again he was welcomed with open arms.

Needless to say, Mr. Orman will caucus with the Democrats in the Senate if elected – that’s the payback, the Dems win a seat that seemed impossible. Orman, is the co-founder of a business capital and management services firm — I thought Democrats hated venture capitalists — and ran for Roberts’ seat in 2007 as a Democrat but dropped out early in 2008. He said he grew unhappy with both parties — to us here in the Sunshine State that sounds familiar.

Fox says “Joan Wagnon, the Kansas Democratic Party’s chairwoman, said she needed a few days to sort out the situation — read that to mean, I’m just following orders — love to see her recent calls list — bet the NSA could help me out.

As for Taylor, well, he said in a statement to he will continue to fight for Kansas’ people even though his campaign is over. “I have great love for the state of Kansas and the people that live here. I will continue to work in their best interest every day, but effective today, my campaign is terminated,” he said. Right, and pigs fly.

This is why Americans have come to hate politics as it’s no longer about serving the people, it’s all about schemers, charlatans and impostors who are in it for their own self-service. And as long as Americans continue to accept and allow this chicanery to happen, it will — until one day your children and grandchildren will curse you for selling them out and destroying the American dream for them.
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