Obama received detailed ISIS intel for a year – guess he was happy with the progress

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I’m truly not in the mood for either the progressive socialist Obama cheerleaders or the cultural jihad apologists. If y’all keep it up, you’ll find yourselves being classified with the enemy.

Now we learn just how much President Obama cares about the security of the United States — and the ramifications thereof. As reported first by Fox News — again first, all the mainstream media follows — “President Obama was given detailed and specific intelligence about the rise of the Islamic State as part of his daily briefing for at least a year before the group seized large swaths of territory over the summer, a former Pentagon official told Fox News. The official — who asked not to be identified because the President’s Daily Brief is considered the most authoritative, classified intelligence community product analyzing sensitive international events for the president — said the data was strong and “granular” in detail.” For you non-military types, the word “granular” in our lexicon means it’s fine in detail and well crystallized.

Perhaps if Obama had been being “briefed” or even taken the time to read the PDB (Presidential Daily Brief) he may not have referred to ISIS as the “JV Team.” Or maybe Valerie Jarrett was reading the briefs and told him there was nothing important contained in them. Regardless, this represents a monumental dereliction of duty by Obama — sorry, right now, just can’t refer to him in any other manner.

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Fox reports that, “Obama, unlike his predecessors who traditionally had the document briefed to them, is known to personally read the daily brief. The former Pentagon official, who has knowledge of the process, said Obama generally was not known to come back to the intelligence community with further requests for information based on the daily report.”

You can bet the person who has divulged this information is truly at risk from this Chicago-style thug administration. Fox says, “after suggestions that the administration may have been blindsided by the rise of ISIS, and that poor intelligence was to blame, the former Pentagon official said some of the intelligence was so good in the region, that when the president drew a red line on chemical weapons use in Syria in 2012, the information was “exquisite.” The source said “[we] were ready to fire, on a moment’s notice, on a couple hundred targets,” but no order was given. In some cases, targets were tracked for a “long period of time” but then slipped away.”

Maybe Obama just didn’t want to violate his foreign policy guiding principle, “don’t do stupid [email protected]” Well, not taking your daily intel briefs is certainly stupid.

And as we had reported here, the former Pentagon official, separately, also claimed there was a delay regarding the question of whether to act to save American journalist James Foley from Islamic State militants. The Sunday Times of London first reported that the delay was 30 days. The former Pentagon official described a White House that was hesitant and continually asking for “the intelligence to build up more.”

In contrast, Obama certainly won’t miss a round of golf, even after delivering a lackluster prepared statement while on vacay on the beheading of American James Wright Foley– which leads to another heinous barbaric act by ISIS.

However, as reported by the Washington Times at of my writing, “The White House said it cannot yet authenticate a video released by the Islamic State and purporting to show the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff, who has been held in captivity by the terrorist group. If authenticated, the video would mark the second time in less than a month that the Islamist organization beheaded an American journalist and disseminated video of the death. In the video released Tuesday — titled “A Second Message to America” and threatening that more Americans and Britons will be killed — the man said to be Mr. Sotloff blames President Obama and U.S. intervention in the Middle East for his death, though it’s likely he was coerced into doing so.”

The difference this time is that the ISIS fighter in the video states, “I am back, Obama. I am back because of your arrogant foreign policy toward the Islamic State,” the fighter says. “Our knife will continue to strike the neck of your people.”

In addition, a British man identified as David Haines is then shown kneeling on the ground in an orange jumpsuit. The Islamic State fighter then says all countries that join America’s coalition will see their nationals murdered.

We must immediately end this practice of freelance journalists who are providing this enemy an opportunity to display their savagery — and remember they do have an American female hostage. I concur with UK Prime Miniser David Cameron in that those who have departed to join with ISIS must have their citizenship terminated and their passports taken. They are the enemy and shall be treated as such. Even the Australian Prime Minister has taken strong steps in this regard – as my friend Nick Adams writes here.

Meanwhile, back on our shores, we just sit and wait for another spineless press conference from Obama who I suppose will once again tell us — and ISIS — what he isn’t going to do. What America needs to do is rid itself of this cowardly pestilence called the Obama administration.

And yes, I have offered a plan on this website on several occasions, and it entails the destruction of Islamo-fascism, totalitarianism, and jihadism. But that’s not apparently what Obama wants.

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