Ok, now we know ISIS is the enemy: they’ve banned music, sports and WEED

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Beheading one of our journalists is one thing, but THIS has to mean war. The Islamic terrorist army has just issued its cultural edict and guess what? They’ve outlawed Darwinism and banned marijuana — yep, all you folks up in Colorado and Washington, no vacations to ISIS land. Check out the video, and weep all you potheads (fire starts about 3:35 in the video).

Courtesy of Gateway Pundit, check out ISIS 101. “The Islamic State of Iraq recently issued educational regulations for the Caliphate. Music, art, sports, social studies, history and psychology are now banned in the classroom.” Translated by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi:

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Directorate of Programs in the Islamic State
General Statement to all Education and Teaching Institutions

1. The following subjects are to be definitively abolished from teaching programs: artistic musical education [music], nationalist education, social studies, history, artistic composition education [drawing], sport, philosophical, social and psychology studies, Islam-Christian religious education), to be replaced by subjects added in compensation by the directorate of programs in the Islamic State.

Now this should really anger all those Liberal Arts professors who were looking for a sabbatical.

2. Complete abolition of the name ‘Syrian Arab Republic’ wherever it is found and it be replaced by the Islamic State.

Seems ISIS has something in common with progressive socialists — revisionist history.

3. Complete abolition of the Education Ministry and its replacement with the Ministry of Education and Teaching.

Could it be that ISIS believes in limited government — we need to abolish the US Department of Education — and the abolition of teachers unions? Hmm, perhaps if they stop all that genocide, mass executions, and beheading stuff there may be some hope for these barbarians.

4. Removal of all photos that do not concord with Islamic Shari’a.

This means no more “selfies” in ISIS land.

5. Removal of all Syrian Arab song wherever it is found.

I don’t think anyone from Syria has won a Grammy recently.

6. No teaching of nationalist doctrine and instead: commitment to Islam and its people, and no affiliation with idolatry and its people. Indeed the land of the Muslim is the land in which the law of God governs.

Now this should get the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) to go apoplectic, ISIS has violated the First Amendment and established a religion, and it seems there will be no free exercise of anything but their State established religion — awaiting a statement from FFRF.

7. The teacher is to patch up gaps in knowledge of the grammar of Arabic dependent on omission by examples that do not contradict the Islamic Shari’a and politics of the Islamic State.

Hmm, doesn’t seem that ISIS embraces multiculturalism, that should piss off liberal progressives.

8. The word ‘homeland’ (watan), or ‘his homeland’, or ‘my homeland’ or ‘Syria’ is to be replaced wherever it is found with ‘The Islamic State’ or ‘his Islamic State’ or ‘the land of the Muslims’ or ‘The Islamic State’ or ‘the province of ash-Sham’.

Hey, aren’t they supposed to get this approved by the United Nations?

9. Abolition of any example in maths that points to interest, interest on money, democracy, or election.

Does this mean SIS supports campaign finance reform and will not tolerate lobbyists?

10. Abolition from the sciences of anything connected with the Darwin theory, natural selection and not attributing all creation to God- Almighty and Exalted is He.

Now this will anger the secular humanists, ISIS believes in creationism — yep, bet Obama attacks them now!

11. The teacher is to make the students aware that all the laws of physics and chemistry are from God’s laws in creation.

Especially those Allah approved laws of physics and chemistry that promote making weapons of mass destruction to kill all infidels, kaffirs, and enemies of Allah.

12. This general statement is considered compulsory and all who disagree must be held accountable.

I can translate this: obey or be beheaded.

So there you have it folks, based upon these 12 cultural edicts, I believe American progressive socialists will demand the immediate destruction of ISIS — especially since they burned those fields of weed.

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