American killed fighting for ISIS: Anybody still think we don’t have a homegrown problem?

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The Obama White House reigned in the Pentagon after the joint press conference last week delivered by Secretary of Defense Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey, where they spoke plainly about the ISIS threat. The new mantra was that ISIS didn’t pose an immediate threat to the American homeland and was more of a regional danger. Remember Marie Harf’s idiotic comments that James Foley’s beheading had nothing to do with the U.S.?

Well, not 72 hours later, there was a revelation that shook this country (or at least should)– an American had been killed fighting for ISIS.

As reported by USA Today, “Douglas McArthur McCain, a 33-year-old American who lived in Minnesota and San Diego was killed in Syria, where he had gone to fight alongside terrorists. A national security spokeswoman at the White House, Caitlin Hayden, his death, and said Tuesday that U.S. officials had been aware of his presence in Syria. McCain had traveled to Syria to join a militant group, believed to be the Islamic State, Associated Press reported, citing a U.S. official who declined to be identified by name and spoke only on condition of anonymity.”

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After the incident with Carlos Bledsoe, who was radicalized, went to Somalia and Yemen for terrorist training, and returned to America to gun down two U.S. Army soldiers at a Little Rock recruiting station, you might think we’d have a better system. And to hear that U.S. officials were aware of his presence begs this question: how many more do they know are there? Instead of listening in on the cell phone calls of average everyday Americans, the federal government can focus their efforts on these guys.

“We were aware of U.S. Citizen Douglas McArthur McCain’s presence in Syria and can confirm his death,” Hayden said. “We continue to use every tool we possess to disrupt and dissuade individuals from traveling abroad for violent jihad and to track and engage those who return.”

Well, may I suggest we do a little bit better?

His cousin, Kenyata McCain, said she was in touch with Douglas McCain as recently as Friday, and “he was telling all of us he was in Turkey.” “I know that he had strong Muslim beliefs,” she said, “but I didn’t know that he was in support of ISIS. I didn’t think he would be.” CNN reported that McCain’s uncle, Ken McCain, said the State Department informed the family Monday of McCain’s death. Ken McCain told CNN the family was “devastated” and “just as surprised as the country” to learn of his nephew’s participation with IS. Ken McCain said his nephew converted from Christianity to Islam several years ago.”

Perhaps the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) conference in Detroit this week can address this situation — after all, the theme is “Generations Rise.”

And as I sit here writing this, I hear reports that there may be another American jihadist fighting with ISIS killed over this past weekend. The Free Syrian Army through the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is providing the information — what is chilling is that they had their passports on them.

So do we now officially recognize we have a “homegrown jihadist” issue in America? Can we stop with the political correctness and firmly embrace the concept that there is radical Islamist proselytizing and recruiting occurring in America?

This isn’t just a foreign intelligence failure, it’s also a domestic intelligence failure — or is the Obama administration purposefully dismissing this issue? There can be no debate that ISIS is just some regional problem, it is a growing global threat — especially through its use of social media and international recruiting efforts.

In South Florida, namely Pompano Beach, construction will soon begin on a massive new Islamic center — right in the heart of the black community. A black pastor, O’Neal Dozier, has been sounding the alarm and all he gets in return is castigation as an “Islamophobe.” Perhaps, just perhaps, he was prescient and could see the coming storm of homegrown Islamic jihadism targeted in the black community.

I remember the vaunted Arab Spring. Well, we are in the midst of the Islamist nightmare.

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