Official WH delegation to attend Michael Brown funeral

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Former Obama White House Chief of Staff and current Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel once famously stated, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

I haven’t spent much time assessing the events in Ferguson because not all of the facts are known. But true to form for President Obama, he’s not allowing this crisis to be wasted politically. For the Obama administration everything is about politics and when you live in an echo chamber you don’t realize – or maybe just don’t care — how others perceive the optics of politics.

As reported by USA Today, “U.S. President Barack Obama is sending three White House aides to the funeral of Michael Brown, the black man whose fatal shooting by a white police officer sparked days of racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. Leading the group for Monday’s service will be Broderick Johnson, the chairman of the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force, an Obama initiative that aims to empower young minorities, the White House said Sunday. He will be accompanied by two representatives from the White House Office of Public Engagement, including deputy director Marlon Marshall, who officials say is a St. Louis native and attended high school with Brown’s mother.”

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Now, if Mr. Marshall wanted to attend Michael Brown’s funeral in his personal capacity because he attended school with Brown’s mother, that’s understandable. But I do not understand why a three-person White House official delegation necessary.

I guess what perplexes me is that we just laid to rest the highest ranking person to die in combat since the Vietnam War, MG Harold J. Greene, and neither the Commander-in-Chief nor the Vice President attended his funeral in Arlington National Cemetery. I pray it wasn’t because it conflicted with a round of golf. Yes, the Secretary of Defense attended MG Greene’s funeral, but where was the high level official representation from the White House?

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was laid to rest and I barely recall an official statement from Obama — he certainly didn’t attend, and only a low-level delegation was sent. Of course it was a different story for the funeral of former South African President Nelson Mandela. I’d say Lady Thatcher had done a tad bit more for the United States, including the fight against the Soviet Union and ending the Cold War, and had been a superior ally to America.

Or how about the dismissive optics last week of President Obama stating how broken-hearted he was over the beheading of American journalist James Wright Foley and just eight minutes later was on the golf course laughing and fist-bumping.

But those obvious contrasts aside, where have the official White House aides been for funerals in the countless cases of young black men killed in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, or any other major inner city at the hands of other blacks?

Why hasn’t Attorney General Eric Holder been dispatched to those areas? It is this political hypocrisy that angers me the most — and also brings sadness as blacks continue to fall victim to the game of charades played by these charlatans.

All for political gain, Michael Brown has garnered the interest of the Obama White House and the white progressive socialist plantation masters as a means to continue to pacify the black community into believing they actually do give a damn — which they don’t. All these bad actors want is blind obedience and the preservation of the economic plantation from which they harvest electoral support.

So this White House enlists the deplorable Al Sharpton as its envoy of envy and will have an official delegation at the funeral where this criminal and shakedown artist will deliver a eulogy. For what? Did Sharpton grow up in Ferguson? Did he know Michael Brown or his parents? Does he have any relationship with the greater St. Louis community? Nah, just a race-baiting huckster propped up and empowered by the Obama administration.

And what will it say of the Obama administration if after there is a fair investigation, that Michael Brown was not — as Jesse Jackson Sr. stated, “the victim of a state execution?” What if Brown, who had just robbed a store and assaulted its owner. did attack a law enforcement officer and charged him in a violent rage? Folks, truth is not an assault on someone’s character.

“When we go back to our communities, there’s a Ferguson near us,” said the Rev. Willie Bodrick II, 26, of Roxbury, Massachusetts, a youth minister and recent graduate of Harvard Divinity School. Yes Reverend, there are plenty of Fergusons around where black unemployment, especially among teens, is astronomical. Where the welfare nanny-state has robbed blacks of their pride, self-esteem, sense of personal responsibility, will, and determination. Where 72 percent of black children are born into single parent households. Where there is no economic growth, just economic enslavement.

Unfortunately, that is not the crisis on which court jesters such as yourself focus — those crises do not garner your attention and therefore as you pander to the political crisis, the black community goes deeper into waste. Call me Uncle Tom, House Negro, Oreo or any other disparaging name — but the real “sellout” is off playing golf and laughing his arse off!

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