The “Brad Pitt” of Muslim clerics demonstrates the principle of taqiyya (lying)

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There’s a reason why UK Prime Minister David Cameron decided to cut his vacation short — he realizes there’s an Islamic jihadist problem in his country.

I think it’s always best to allow jihadists to convict themselves with their own words. And one thing is for certain, the UK media is a tad bit more objective than ours. I want you all to understand the Arabic term, “taqiyya” which is the principle of accepted lying to infidels in order to further the objectives of Islam.

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Bear that in mind as you watch this video of Sheikh Mohamed Al-Arifi, who The Muslim Press calls “the “Brad Pitt” of all clerics and a huge superstar in Saudi Arabia. Although banned in Switzerland for hate speech against Shi’ites, he had been freely welcomed in Britain, the favorite Western headquarters of Islamic terrorism organizations because British national security never bothers them.”

I wonder if that will change now?

Check out this statement from the cleric:

In a public address delivered by Saudi cleric Muhammad Al-Arifi, which aired on Al-Nas TV on February 21, 2012, the Sheikh said: “There is no doubt that one’s devotion to Jihad for the sake of Allah and one’s will to shed blood, smash skulls, and chop off body parts for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion constitute an honor for the believer. Just having this notion in your heart is a mark of honor, even if you do not actually wage Jihad.” He continues; “If the Muslims implemented the words of Allah: “Fight the infidels near you, and let them find harshness in you,” and other Koranic verses, like the Verse of the Sword, which deal with fighting the infidels and conquering their countries, stating that they should join Islam, pay the jizya poll tax, or be fought. . . Had the Muslims implemented this, we would not be in our current state of humiliation.”

And for all the single ladies, this cheeky fella recently called for Muslim women to travel to Syria to offer their bodies to fighters seeking to overthrow Bashar al Assad’s regime.

Many in the West are asking, what is the goal of ISIS? Well, I can’t find a clearer explanation than this from the Muslim Issue:

ISIS wants the tribal days of Muhammad from the 7th century to return to rule over Muslims so they are ‘rightfully guided’. This includes non-Muslims and Muslim infidels (Muslim minorities). They believe that non-Muslims should be converted by force (and if they object, to be killed) and once they have done so, will become so grateful to realize how wrong they and dirty they were, living in darkness. They will then wake-up and realize that Islam is the only truthful way any man can live. By converting non-Muslims the Muslim will earn points and rewards in heaven that will bring him closer to Allah. It would be rare to find a cleric who doesn’t agree to this because this is one of the most common fundamental principles of Islam.

I’ve brought this Salafist cleric to your attention because if he is allowed free and safe passage in Saudi Arabia, I can only surmise that he has the approval of the Saudi family. And if he has their approval, then how can we consider Saudi Arabia as our ally? Could it be they’re just practicing “taqiyya” as well? This is why we in the western world, and truly America, need to make some hard decisions about who are our “friends.”

And a final thought, if Barack Hussein Obama bowed to the Saudi King Abdullah who obviously accepts this Salafist cleric — then does Obama accept his preaching and violent proselytizing as well?

Sure wish we had a press corps that asked tough questions…

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