Hamas displays “humanitarian side” with public execution of 21 suspected informers

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That humanitarian organization, Hamas, just took a very “thoughtful” action after the precision Israeli strike which killed three of the terrorist group’s leaders.

As reported by the UK Guardian, “Hamas has turned its anger against alleged collaborators in Gaza, killing 21 people in a little over 24 hours and warning that the “same punishment will be imposed soon on others.”

“The suspected informers – including two women – were killed in three batches in a campaign codenamed “Strangling Necks.” Three were killed on Thursday, 11 at a disused police station early on Friday, and another seven shot dead in public outside a mosque in Gaza City shortly after noon prayers.”

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So these are the folks with whom Israel is supposed to live in peace? Where is Sandra Fluke making her statement about a “war on women?” I suppose it’s too much to ask Obama to come in from the golf course and show some concern.

The barbarism of public executions sends a clear message to those who want Hamas gone from Gaza. Furthermore, it shows us the savagery and dedication to violence these jihadists possess.

The Guardian reports “on Friday afternoon a four-year-old Israeli child was killed when a mortar hit a car close to the Gaza border. It was the first civilian death in Israel since fighting resumed after the collapse of the latest temporary ceasefire earlier this week, and was expected to trigger a strong response from the Israeli military.”

I am quite sure the anti-Semites and Hamas supporters applaud the death of that child — and shamefully so, as they do not condemn Hamas for their purposeful exposure of their own children. We must consider the heroic actions of those 21 executed as they sought to protect their people and expose the Hamas terrorists in order to reduce the instances of collateral damage.

The Guardian says “the executed individuals were believed to have been arrested before the assassination early on Thursday of three top Hamas military leaders in Rafah and the possible death of military chief Mohammed Deif in an air strike in Gaza City on Tuesday, which killed his wife and two children. The killings were an unambiguous warning to informers. Hamas claimed that a verdict and sentence was handed down by a court, although it is unlikely that the suspects went through a fair and impartial judicial process.”

“Pictures showed a group of men, with their heads covered and hands tied behind their backs, kneeling against a wall. Masked Hamas fighters dressed in black and armed with AK47s pushed to them to the ground before shooting them.”

Now, for all you politically correct progressive socialists who don’t accept that these Islamic terrorist and jihadist actions are rooted and supported in Islam understand this: the mosque’s imam asked worshippers to inform Hamas security officials about anyone suspected of behaving strangely, or asking about fighters. “We have to protect our mujahideen [fighters] and back them, not let the Zionist occupation [Israel] easily target them as happened in Rafah with commanders,” he said.

I tend to believe that ends the debate — and there’s plenty more anecdotal evidence to back that up.

“A statement issued in the name of “the Palestinian resistance” said that the court’s sheikhs ordered the executions of “collaborators who betrayed their religion and sold their people and land for a cheap price, and achieved many missions for the enemy”. Some of those at the mosque expressed approval of the killings. “It was a late move – I wish it was from the beginning, and I hope it continues until we reach a community empty of traitors and collaborators,” said Mohammed Wasfi.”

Hey, chuckleheads with “coexist” bumper stickers: ISIS and Hamas send you their response — they say no. How many more people need to be executed or beheaded before you figure that out?

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