Oh no! Pelosi may be forced to take some of her own liberal medicine

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One thing you have to love about progressive socialists is their hypocrisy – which even extends to the water with which they brush their teeth.

On the subject of water, I’ve been out to Fresno, California several times and it is an incredible agricultural hub providing a bounty of food products. But Fresno’s farmers have a big problem: they’re being starved for water at the benefit of the liberal hypocrites living in the liberal bastion of the San Francisco bay area.

As reported by the Washington Times, “The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has wreaked havoc for decades on rural communities, but a newly filed lawsuit could force San Francisco urbanites like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to share their pain. A federal complaint filed this week contends that the Hetch Hetchy Project, which supplies water to San Francisco and the Bay Area, has unfairly enjoyed an exemption from the “severe cutbacks” required in rural California in order to save endangered fish species.”

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In California state progressive socialists have punished their own agriculture industry over specified “endangered species.” Liberal progressives want to spread the wealth but they’re not so eager to spread the water – which results in higher food produce products.

The Times reports that “Craig Manson, who heads the Center for Environmental Science, Accuracy and Reliability (CESAR) in Fresno, said the lawsuit is aimed at addressing the “double standard” that forces farmers to give up water in the name of species conservation — without requiring Bay Area residents to do the same.”

“The Hetch Hetchy Project at Yosemite National Park diverts water from the Tuolumne River dam to a pipeline that sends water 167 miles away to San Francisco. Without that diversion, about 15 percent more water would flow to the Sacramento Delta, which is critical habitat for threatened fish like the delta smelt, the green sturgeon and several species of salmon, according to the lawsuit. The Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service have ordered “severe cutbacks” in the amount of water provided to the Central Valley in order to protect the fish habitat, says the lawsuit, but those agencies “have required no such cutbacks for the Hetch Hetchy Project diversions.”

Imagine the insanity: we starve our farmers of water to save some little fish while at the same time, water is diverted to provide a clean drinking water source for the “special” people in San Francisco. You think the fact Nancy Pelosi lives there has anything to do with this? And the second and third order effects are that farmers struggle to produce crops with less water and the increased cost is passed onto consumers.

Remember when Barack Obama went out to California during a drought and addressed global warming, climate change, or whatever the progressive socialists are calling it today? I remember he then went back to playing golf — which he does a lot — at some golf course, which was being watered. Nope, you just cannot make this up.

Once upon a time there was a fella named John Edwards who wanted to be president. He popularized a typical progressive socialist line — two Americas. Perhaps there are indeed two Americas; the America of hard working middle income families and the one of political and entertainment elites. If you take the political influence of the Central Valley and stack it up against that of Los Angeles and San Francisco, guess who loses? And ultimately so does America, but then hey, the progressive socialists feel better and they have nice water — and emotionally they’re content knowing they saved a fish.

“San Francisco is politically powerful in California, and they have been able to fend off Hetch Hetchy lovers for years,” said Mr. Manson. “If that valley, the Hetch Hetchy Valley, were anyplace else, it would not have been flooded in the first place. It just goes to show people are wedded to their own interests even if it goes against their philosophical leanings.”

Therein lies the true essence of progressive socialism — very flexible principles – or should I say the absence of same?

California is a textbook example of what happens when progressive socialists govern. Water is diverted from a key agricultural basin to save a fish, so it can ultimately be diverted almost 170 miles to make people happy. This is the height of hypocrisy, and this is the Democrat party: a far Left progressive socialist mosh pit.

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