Obama disrespects the Foley family and encourages ISIS

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Yesterday I enjoyed a magnificently scenic drive from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia for an evening speaking engagement. There’s something majestic about driving through mountains and across the countryside.

As we were driving, of course I was listening to the news coverage surrounding the aftermath of the savage beheading of American journalist James Wright Foley. I found particularly disturbing the extremely weak statement made by President Barack Hussein Obama.

You’d think an American president would be able to find the words from within his heart to express the anger and outrage, and submit a course of action against this terrorist army, which would be clear, concise, and direct. However, it wasn’t just the words that were weak, it was what President Obama did afterwards that made me wonder — are you serious?

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Because afterwards, our president immediately exited, made a quick change to head out to the links for more golf where he could flash a full smile so disrespectful to the Foley family. The cover of the New York Daily News referred to it as “Bam’s Golf War.” What message does that send to our enemy, and especially to our allies? The optics of Obama driving around in a golf cart thoroughly erase and invalidate any words he had just previously spoken – however weak they were.

And to add insult to injury, why would the Obama administration then admit it had conducted a failed rescue operation for Foley? That yields two results, it provides insight into your tactics and alerts the enemy as to what you had done — and failed.

This elicits memories of the failed Desert One mission of President Jimmy Carter during the Iranian hostage crisis. But this is typical of an administration more concerned with politics that practicality. It is the result of an administration always scrambling to react, showing it’s “doing something.” Instead nothing should have been said about this operation — which now becomes a propaganda tool for ISIS and other Islamic terror groups.

We must never pay ransom to nor negotiate with any terrorist organization. There is only one language Islamic terrorists comprehend and that is the language of strength and might.

What we are not doing is leveraging the full military might of the United States against these terrorists — to hell with nation building. Since August 8th, the United States has launched 90 aerial attacks against ISIS. That means over the past two weeks America has responded with 6-7 air attacks a day against ISIS — that is hardly a deliberate air campaign. However, in understanding the Obama administration it is a matter again of the appearance of “doing something.”

In addition, what does it mean to have the Attorney General Eric Holder stating, “they will be brought to justice?” Why are we talking about the FBI conducting an investigation? Ok, let me do the investigation for you guys.

A member of an Islamic terror organization beheaded an American probably in Syria — we don’t need to file charges, arrest the guy, read him his rights and bring him back to the United States. We need one simple response: kill him and his fellow jihadists, wherever they are!

This is not some Mayberry RFD law enforcement operation. This is war. But again, the Obama administration sees this as a “criminal investigation” and wants to be seen as “doing something” — rhetoric. I just have to ask, so when is the FBI going to Syria to conduct its investigation?

Message to Eric Holder: your empty words of “we will hold the perpetrators accountable” does not scare a jihadist in Syria or Iraq one iota – as a matter of fact they are laughing themselves silly at your assertion. They see you as a weakling, as well as your boss, and afraid to combat them.

The bottom line is this: President Barack Hussein Obama in an intractable progressive socialist who has no interest in defending and protecting America or Americans. He is a political animal who finds himself having to contend with an enemy that does not respond to teleprompter speeches — or his promise of making the oceans recede. I would not be surprised if within the next 48-72 hours ISIS sends America another “message.”

Obama’s inaction only prompts more action from the enemy. But perhaps that’s what he wants.

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