RIP James Wright Foley: to defeat terrorists we must instill a greater terror

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Yesterday we learned the horrific news about the beheading of American journalist James Wright Foley and I express my heartfelt condolences to his family. It is reminds us of the fate of Daniel Pearl and Nicholas Berg.

As reported by Reuters, “Islamist militants fighting in Iraq released a video on Tuesday which purported to show the beheading of American journalist James Foley and U.S. officials said they were working to determine its authenticity. The video, titled “A Message to America,” was released a day after Islamic State, an al-Qaida offshoot that has overrun large parts of Iraq, threatened to attack Americans “in any place.”

“Islamic State militants also claimed in the video to be holding U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff and said his life depended on U.S. President Barack Obama’s next move. The video was posted after Obama resumed air strikes in Iraq for the first time since the end of the U.S. occupation in 2011. “The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision,” said a masked man in the video posted on social media sites, speaking English with a British accent as he held a prisoner the video named as Sotloff, who went missing in northern Syria while he was reporting in July 2013. Foley was kidnapped on Nov. 22, 2012, in Syria by unidentified gunmen.”

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Here is what must happen. Americans residing in countries on the terrorist list must be evacuated or consolidated into facilities with U.S. armed support and security. The administration must immediately get accountability of all journalists free roaming in Gaza, Judea-Samaria, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Qatar and require them to return or have U.S.- supported armed security. There should be a heightened security status for Americans traveling abroad and sadly so in cities such as London and Paris. We MUST secure our border NOW!

It is too late for Steven Sotloff who has already been taken by these Islamic barbarians but we can take action to prevent the kidnapping of any further Americans.

My next decision would be simple: eradicate the existence of ISIS. There is only one response that America can send and it is not one that we shall be intimidated by an Islamic terrorist organization. Wherever there is the black flag, people will die.

President Obama can no longer state what he is not willing to do. He must destroy the enemies of this country. The entire Congress, House and Senate, needs to be recalled and the president should deliver his strategic plan to destroy ISIS and seek congressional approval. He must declare we are in a war against Islamic totalitarianism and jihadism. He needs to define the enemy and the means by which we shall implement every element of our national power; diplomatic, informational, economic, and military.

America cannot be held hostage by a bunch of 7th Century savages with 21st Century technology and weaponry, as well as social media and communications skills. The Pope has given his blessing and this is not a “crusade” we have undertaken, but as the original crusades were intended by Pope Urban II in 1095, we shall defend liberty and freedom for Christians and religious minorities being persecuted by rabid Islamists. We must hammer ISIS as Charles Martel did at the Battle of Tours in 728 AD.

And just for historical reference, the fictional character Dracula was based upon Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, who was a member of the House of Drăculești. He became known as Vlad the Impaler because of his brutality against his main enemy, the invading Ottomans. Vlad III became renowned in Romanian and Bulgarian folklore for his defense of Eastern European Christianity. We need not adopt his tactics, but at least he understood that to defeat a terrorist you had to instill a greater terror.

My point is simple: history is just repeating itself all over again with Islamic jihadism and it is our turn to take our place in history. What shall be written?

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