NY mayor pays ex-felons $13M to be “violence interrupters”

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The progressive socialist approach to any issue is to throw more money at it. And so avowed socialist and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is following suit when it comes to addressing increased gun violence in the Big Apple.

As reported by the New York Post, “Mayor de Blasio just rolled out a $13 million, “evidence-based” plan to stop the wave of shootings around the city by hiring ex-gangbangers and felons to be “violence interrupters.” One problem: The “evidence” doesn’t exist. City officials and criminal-justice advocates claim that the “Save Our Streets” pilot program in Crown Heights “reduced shootings by 66 percent.” This statistic was trumpeted at the mayor’s press conference last Wednesday and repeated in media accounts. But that number was apparently plucked out of thin air. The Center for Court Innovation — which both implements and evaluates Save Our Streets — claims at best a 6 percent reduction in gun violence in the neighborhood…and admits that the drop “was not statistically significant.”

Yep, Mayor Bill believes the best way to combat gun violence is to enlist and pay ex-gangbangers as “violence interrupters” — folks, you cannot make this stuff up!

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I guess he believes all you need is a little counseling – I’m surprised they’re not outsourcing Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil.

The philosophy behind this stupid idea is to treat gun violence like a disease and make it into a health care issue: “Quarantine an area, and then saturate the area with some sort of antibodies to help eradicate the violence.” The “antibodies” in this case are ex-cons who are hired because they “know the streets, have been there and have credibility.” These “interrupters” follow gang “beefs” on social media and rush to the scene of potential fights in order to defuse tensions. But there’s no evidence that paying convicted murderers, rapists and drug dealers to counsel young gangsters prevents violent acts.”

Now there was evidence that the “Stop and Frisk” program had a measurable impact on reducing gun violence in New York with the NYPD as your paid “violence interrupters.” But de Blasio felt the previous program was “racist” — all because folks like Al Sharpton said so — so he cancelled the program, violence increased, and now he wants to hire felons. Can you imagine the message that sends to the NYPD officers who are out there everyday seeking to maintain the peace? What happens when a newly-paid “violence interrupter” decides to file complaints against the NYPD?

And get this peach of a tidbit: the “interrupters” also make a point of not disclosing information to the NYPD in order to maintain their “cred.” So if some young gang member is carrying a gun around, the “interrupters” will try to convince him not to use it, but they won’t tell the cops.

In other words, the gun stays on the street in the hands of the bad guys. In contrast, stop-and-frisk not only captured a lot of guns, but also made would-be gunslingers wary about carrying their pieces around in the first place.

Now, this little socialist experiment has been tried elsewhere, “into some of the most challenging neighborhoods in Baltimore under the name Safe Streets,” said Daniel Webster, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research. “Our research showed that the program reduced gun violence in three of the four neighborhoods where it was.”

But as Paul Harvey would say, here’s the rest of the story. Last December, the Baltimore program was suspended after two ex-convict outreach workers were arrested on drug and gun charges. But never let that get in the way of progressive socialists and their social justice agenda. This coming Saturday, that stellar example of community leadership, Al Sharpton, will be leading an anti-police rally in New York City. You just have to wonder, how is it that this charlatan has been granted so much influence — doesn’t he owe the IRS some $300,000 in back taxes?

As we all know, progressive socialists live in a world of relativity as demonstrated by New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams who pointed out that computer companies hire hackers to advise them on security. However, as the New York Post counters, “computer hackers know a lot about computer security, while violent street criminals know a lot about…committing crimes?”

To the folks up in the Big Apple, may I remind you of this ancient quote: “one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” I believe less than 10 percent showed up to vote in the New York City mayoral election. And this is what you end up getting — the same thing we have in the White House — governance, more accurately rule — by an inferior.

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