EXCLUSIVE: Mother of Clint Lorance: If he and his men had been killed, he’d be a hero! KIA!

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There is a “War on Women” no one is talking about. It is the attack against the most honorable of American women: mothers who send their sons and daughters off to serve our nation in uniform. I cannot begin to tell you how often I’m stopped in person or get emails from mothers concerned for their loved ones serving in the military at this time.

Some ask me one simple question, “How can I allow my son to enlist now?” They’re afraid because they see a Commander-in-Chief who has turned his back on our men and women serving with true honor and distinction while affording rights to the enemy — and in some cases freeing the enemy.

The leader of ISIS (a group so vicious al-Qaida has disowned it), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — was released by U.S. authorities. We released a known Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist named Ali Musa Dadduq who had the blood of five U.S, Army Soldiers on his hands — kidnapped, ritually gutted, and killed. Recently we released five senior Taliban leaders to a Qatar, a country that fully embraces and supports Islamic terrorism — and they will return to Afghanistan next year. And just recently we reported on the Afghan who killed three Marines in their FOB gym who only serve seven-and-a half-years according to an Afghanistan justice system — which means he probably won’t serve any time at all.

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At the same time, a young Army Officer sits in Ft. Leavenworth prison with a 20-year sentence, First Lieutenant Clint Lorance. We wrote on Clint’s travails, and for those who would castigate him for his actions, take a walk in his shoes.

1LT Lorance was in a volatile area of Kandahar province and made a decision to engage the enemy based on his experience of their tactics — they were scouting his patrol. However, the insidious rules of engagement resulted in 1LT Lorance being sentenced for murder — which is like handing out speeding tickets at the Daytona 500.

Clint’s mother, Anna Lorance, joins the list of mothers like Vicki Behenna and Jill Tahmooressi who anguish over the unconscionable treatment of their sons. And just compare that to the White House Rose Garden ceremony for the mother of known deserter Bowe Bergdahl — who is still on active duty and may end up with $350,000 in back pay in his bank account.

Imagine the heartbreak of Anna Lorance as her son sits in prison at Ft. Leavenworth for facing the enemy, while Bergdahl roams freely on Ft. Sam Houston for abandoning his post in the same combat zone. That simple comparison should cause anyone to ponder, how did we get so upside down?

1LT Lorance’s legal team has put together a packet requesting his clemency, which was anonymously shared with me. I am humbled that even without an official title, people believe I will fight for them.

In her letter to U.S. Army Major General John Nicholson Jr., Clint’s mother Anna writes about her son,

“It is so sad that because of his leadership, his soldiers did not lose their lives on his watch. He came home and is now called a murderer. But if he would have not made that split second call and he and his men been killed, he would now be called a hero! KIA!”

How did we get to be so upside down? Is our military “punishing” our warriors and their families for not welcoming death and becoming martyrs — as the enemy does so willingly?

And so I will continue to be that “voice crying out in the wilderness,” fighting for justice for our warriors. It’s a terrible irony — look at the riots occurring in Ferguson, Missouri demanding “justice” for Michael Brown — where are the voices speaking out for Clint Lorance?

I hope you’ll take a few moments to share a mother’s hurt, and read the full letter Anna Lorance sent to U.S. Army Major General John Nicholson Jr. As well, take five minutes to hear the words of Clint’s brother.

Join me in sending a message to MG Nicholson, Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno, Secretary of the Army John McHugh, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Martin Dempsey, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and President Barack Hussein Obama: stop punishing the mothers of America who patriotically send their sons to fight for our liberty and freedom. The message that all of you are sending is that you care more for the mothers of the enemy than our own.

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