The counter-culture revolution I can support

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Is there a counter-culture revolution occurring in America? I think there is, but you just don’t hear about it in the mainstream media — or really at all.

I find myself exclusively listening to our local Christian music station, Way FM 88.1. And who turned me on to it? My daughters, whose iPhones are chock full of modern upbeat Christian music. Who would have thought a You Tube video “Where I Belong” by Building 429 would have 1.6 million views? And just so you know, I often hum the tune as I’m running. It’s really cool.

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Is cool being quietly redefined by our young people? Once upon a time it was all about “rebelling against da man.” Well, if you turn around, you’ll find liberal progressive socialists are truly the ones who seem to be “da man.” They control government, entertainment, media, and most aspects of culture, all to the detriment of simple, time-honored values such as faith, family, personal responsibility and freedom. The current vision of da man is touted as being cool, but it seems to me there’s a movement to reject that notion — and it is starting in churches.

This summer my youngest daughter Austen attended the Christ in Youth (CIY) Move Conference at Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida. Southeastern, just as Palm Beach Atlantic University nearby, is a college rooted in faith and service to Jesus Christ. It is a Christian university. The contingent to CIY from our Community Christian Church was the largest they’ve — two full tour buses — and the target audience was high school teenagers. Perhaps our young people are sensing popular culture is failing them in every aspect of their lives and rebelling.

These young people are perhaps realizing that the “cool” imposed upon them by the adults of our era is truly Not Cool as Fox News host Greg Gutfeld wrote in his book of the same reason.

This past week, talented young conservative blogger and fellow Liberty Alliance member, Matt Walsh, contacted me about a book he’s working on regarding this revolution. He believes traditional values are making a big comeback where we would least expect — as part of a counter-revolution by younger generations. The media doesn’t like to bring attention to a Christian rock group like Building 429 — ever seen them featured on any entertainment shows?

Two weekends ago we had family movie night and watched the movie “God’s Not Dead” — and again who recommended it? Our daughters. We thoroughly enjoyed the film, and if you haven’t seen it, you will as well. Great ending that illustrate the six degrees of separation in which our lives operate.

Yes, the Sixties hippie generation that embraced drugs, free love, and all that jazz has become da man and trying to inculcate their values upon an entire nation. However, it seems their beliefs, which are the antithesis of our Constitutional Republic, are being recognized bit by bit. The progressive socialist petri dishes which we call our colleges and universities are replete with these soldiers of the Sixties revolt and are doing their best to replenish the ranks with future generations — but there is push back.

Funny, we don’t hear about the synthetic marijuana deaths in Colorado and California – I wonder why?

This new counter-revolution is made up of young people who pride their independence — such as those who established America. And they want to be the ones charting their own course for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am proud of them and fully support them and it’s why I’m so honored when Young America’s Foundation invites me to speak on college campuses.

There is indeed a revolution coming. It’s building up, and I’m proud to be part of it. These “kids” are realizing, this is not where they belong, and they don’t want their country to belong to this sad state either.

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