No doubt John Kerry will soon be tasking our military to fight the weather

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I just have to laugh when I think hoow the Obama administration makes the task finding material for this website sooo easy. I mean, here we are with a series of crises extending from ISIS in the Middle East, to Russia looking at possibly invading Ukraine, to Hamas continually rocketing Israel, to an increase in weekly jobless numbers (summer is drawing to an end folks), and illegal aliens just running all over our country because of an unsecured and porous southern border. But that’s just the “new normal” of Barack Obamaworld, so why not go and have a party in Martha’s Vineyard — is that where the 99 percent hangs out?

But, don’t worry if Obama is on vacay because U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is on the job and speaking out about the “biggest challenge of all that we face right now” — climate change.

Yep, I bet you didn’t realize all that rain they got up on Long Island recently is REALLY a dangerous threat to our existence. Forget about that ISIS flag showing up in New Jersey. It’s weather that should be keeping you up at night.

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As CNS News reports (and Lord knows how they managed to keep a straight face), Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience in Hawaii Wednesday, putting an issue he feels passionately about at the center of a speech entitled “U.S. Vision for Asia-Pacific Engagement.” “The science is screaming at us,” he said. “Ask any kid in school. They understand what a greenhouse is, how it works, why we call it the greenhouse effect. They get it.”

If the Obama administration foreign policy is based on the premise of “don’t do stupid [email protected]”, does that also include “don’t SAY stupid [email protected]?” Folks, you just cannot make this stuff up! Here we have a damn Islamic terrorist army of over 10,000 men with $2 billion in their pockets, controlling an area as big as Belgium, and this loon is still talking about freakin’ global climate change?

If I’m a Christian or Yazidi in the Middle East I’m starting to curse Americans for their presidential election decision in 2012. I don’t think anyone stuck on Mt. Sinjar — regardless of what Obama wants us to believe — is worried about climate change. The only climate they want to change is the security climate and killing ISIS would greatly enable that.

I received an email from a former cadet at Kansas State who now works in Dubai as a contractor and has contacts in Iraq. He tells me that Yazidi girls are being sold in a slave market in Syria starting at age 7 — remember Mohammad’s favorite wife was Aisha, whom he married when she was six and consummated with her when she was nine. Somehow I don’t think these poor little girls are concerned about global climate change.

I know, some of you think I am making this up. But just look at this video, it’s only a minute long, and I know you could use a laugh.

“If you accept the science,” Kerry continued. “If you accept that the science is causing climate to change, you have to heed what those same scientists are telling us about how you prevent the inevitable consequences and impacts.” “That’s why President Obama has made climate change a top priority. He’s doing by executive authority what we’re not able to get the Congress to do.”

Ok John ol’ boy, here’s what I accept. I accept that ISIS is beheading children, raping and killing women, and enacting a Christian genocide on your and Obama’s watch. That is a fact, not your improbable political science. I accept that Hamas is a terrorist organization — certainly not a humanitarian one.

Next thing you know, the military will be tasked with fighting the weather — since Obama and Kerry don’t feel they need to have “boots on the ground” to fight the enemy. Jeepers, who still supports these people? And more importantly, whose side are they on?

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