Freedom of choice the Islamic way: A woman’s anguish over the fate of Assyrian Christians

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Sometimes it’s best to hear directly from those most harshly affected by the callous and feckless failures of Barack Hussein Obama. The letter below comes from a personal friend, Rebecca Simon, a patriotic American of Assyrian Christian descent.

Just last week my oldest daughter Aubrey and I watched one of our favorite movies, “The Last of the Mohicans.” What Rebecca Simon deeply fears is that she could be watching the same play out for her people, one of history’s great ancient civilizations. And yet the world dithers – especially our vacationing president.

If her letter — this plea to humanity — does not touch you, then join hands with those progressive socialists of the Democrat party who enabled the rise of Pol Pot’s Khymer Rouge and the killing fields of Cambodia.

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The heart-rending fate of Assyrian Christians in Iraq haunts every corner of my being. I well up over the image of the fright in the circle of the tearful eye of a child next to the lifeless body of his mother. But the silent photos capturing a millisecond in the timeline of a genocide, don’t do justice to the horror of the calamity. The stories behind the still pictures must be even more horrific.

Yes, I admit. I am guilt-ridden.

I could have been one of those misfortunate Assyrian sisters in Iraq but by the grace of God, I was destined to be an American. I have witnessed my country’s history of unparalleled compassion towards the ill, the fallen, and the persecuted. Sadly, that history is not being played out on Assyrians. This isn’t because Americans have grown callous of worldly sufferings. No, not at all. The DNA of the magnanimous American is still intact. Rather, it is our new age government and the wicked villain in the White House that have misplaced the age-old American altruism.

To the wicked villain, a child in pain is the one whose Honduran parent paid thousands of dollars to have him adopted by America. A child in pain is the one who uses his tattooed and pierced body as a weapon in a street “knockout game.” A child in pain is one hoodied if-I-had-a-son trouble-maker capable of breaking a grown man’s nose bone.

The Assyrian Christian kids are not even worthy of being honored by Michelle O’s hash tag graphics. No doubt the kidnapping of 200 kids by Boko Haram being forced to convert to Islam was a tragedy. But equally tragic if not more so, is the forceful conversion to Islam of at least 200,000 Assyrians.

And where is the outrage by the Spanish bleeding hearts: Mr. & Mrs. Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz? In their delicate artistic mind, does a Palestinian child have more rights to life than an Assyrian child? One needs to read to these Spanish-Hollywood couple the bloody history of multi-centuried conquest of Spain by Muslims and the forceful conversion to Islam of the Christian Spaniards.

And where are the moderate Muslims in all this? An anti-ISIS demonstration and a fundraiser benefit by many of the alleged moderate Muslims who’ve done pretty well in the West will go a long way in legitimizing their “moderate” claims. They cry foul only when Islam is under attack but when Christianity is under assault, they see no evil, hear no evil. Maybe they like the evil, I’m beginning to think.

And where are the petro dollars of Saudis and the Kuwaitis who express their fear of ISIS? A few gold bath tubs and sinks in their villas could buy water for some thirsty Sinjar Mountain hikers in northern Iraq. But charity isn’t in the cultural make-up of the Muslims, especially if it is to be given to a persecuted infidel.

On the other hand, the world seems to be conflict-fatigued dealing with other people’s problems especially if it means some military involvement. They probably think: 
Been there. Done that.

In the meantime, one of the oldest races of people, the Assyrians, the recipients of the 21st Century’s first genocide award are dying a slow death on our big screen TV’s. So far, they’re just a news story till we find something newer to cover because advertisers know fresh stories are what keep the consumers’ attention and prevent them from switching the channel. By the time, the media and the administration buries the story of the Assyrian genocide, Assyrians will be buried too, by the tens of thousands — likely without a funeral.

But for now, Assyrians have an ISIS-style freedom–the liberty to choose their death arrangement: beheading or starvation. Yes, ironically, the freedom they didn’t have in life, they get in death.

Wonder if Michelle O and her spouse will discuss over the dinner table “this Assyrian choice” in their upcoming 16-day vacation. Perhaps they’ll rest at night knowing the media will portray some other entity as the villains of Iraq. The media plays the political god for these Godless people.

I hope this saga will be written by Godly historians and the Assyrian blood will stain the pages wherever B Hussein O’s name is printed. That may be the ultimate choice for the Assyrian martyrs…

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