Former NFL player: Democrat party is destroying black communities [VIDEO]

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Lots of folks on the Left want you to think black conservatism is just some fad, while many in the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge blacks as conservatives at all. And of course there are the personal attacks, denigrating, demeaning, and disparaging assaults meant to instill fear in those daring to speak out.

Well, slowly it seems to be changing. The proof is in the pudding as they say –just look at the failures in American inner cities — the black community. It is in the urban centers where liberal progressives policies — brought to you by the Democrat party — have been prevalent, and the evidence is damning.

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I hope you’ll watch this Newsmax interview with Steve Malzberg and congressional candidate Gary Cobb. Gary is a graduate of the University of Southern California and a former NFL linebacker with the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles — one tough dude. Gary is also very concerned about the policy failures in the black community that have resulted in the breakdown of the black family, reduced educational opportunities, and a bleak unemployment future for black teenagers.

Now consider that each of these issues Gary addresses comes back to Democrat policies. President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” provided paychecks to women who have babies out of wedlock with the caveat that no man resided in the home. That one “incentive” effectively resulted in the out-of-wedlock birthrate in the black community exploding to 72 percent — replacing a responsible black father in the home with government dependence.

Furthermore, the two powerful major teachers unions (NEA and AFT) stand against school choice, charter schools, and home schooling options for parents — especially black parents, mostly single black mothers — which could provide better educational opportunities for their children. For liberal progressives, choice is only good when it pertains to killing babies — not educating them. Remember, it was the “first African-American president” who cancelled the DC school voucher program in April 2009.

All this progressive socialist talk about income inequality and higher minimum wage just means that part-time employment opportunities will dry up for black teenagers who already face an almost 40 percent unemployment rate. They are simply being pushed out of the labor market.

In short, these kids are coming from broken homes, sent to failing schools, and are left with few employment opportunities.

So why exactly should blacks continue to vote for Democrats? Why oh, why do they want more of the same?

Hat tip to US Congressional candidate Gary Cobb, a conservative black American who grew up modestly, successfully escaped the liberal progressive economic plantation, and seeks to lead others away.

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