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Yesterday I heard that the CAIR, the infamous Muslim Brotherhood front group and unindicted conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trial, announced it has condemned the Islamic State — so what? I have yet to see a major Muslim protest in America against IS but I have seen plenty supporting Hamas — the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. So CAIR’s pronouncement is just “taqquiya” — and if you don’t know what that means, look it up. There are no actions being taken to confront or combat Islamic terrorism and barbarism.

I also think about how America has two staunch allies in the Middle East — Israel and the Kurds. Yet the Obama administration has found it easier to condemn Israel and deny arms support to the Kurds. As the representative of the Kurdish government stated on Fox news Friday, “we have boots on the ground.” What has happened is that Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki has cut off any arms supplies to the Kurds and President Obama has denied their requests for support. Yet, the Obama administration was just “tickled pink” to provide F-16s and M1A1 Abrams tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egyptian government under Mohammed Morsi — but refused to support the Egyptian government that ousted Morsi and his Islamist brethren.

And why the silence from the Arab League?

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Don’t these countries have a military and weapons — like an air force? Why are they not going after ISIS since they condemn it? The goal of ISIS is to create an Islamic caliphate, which means the destruction of secular governance in the region of Iraq, Sham, and the Levant. It would certainly be in their interest to defeat ISIS — unless they somehow want to see it successful. One has to ask why Obama’s friend Turkish Prime Minsiter Recip Tayyip Erdogan isn’t conducting strikes against ISIS which is operating just to his south?

I guess what is so perplexing to me is that everyone is talking — but the only party taking clear action is this evil we know as the Islamic State. It’s as if the world is paralyzed with some type of fear to coalesce and crush this enemy. We all look around as if to say, “what are you going to do?” And I keep hearing there is no military option or America is war weary. What we need is national security and military strategy not advocated by those who are careless or the “Starbucks” crowd.

In Operation Desert Shield/Storm the military was given task and purpose and unleashed to perform its mission — 100 hours and you saw the results. If we had principled and resolute leadership, the same would be the result for ISIS.

The objective is not nation-building, never should be. The goal here is to destroy this enemy, as General Colin Powell said during Desert Storm, “cut it off and kill it.” Again, Iraqi governance is not a determining factor in the need to destroy ISIS.

The Kurdish Peshmerga Army is a renowned fierce fighting force but right now they are bringing a plastic spoon to a gunfight. As far as the Iraqi Army we did train, after we shamefully withdrew from Iraq, al-Maliki purged the Sunni generals and replaced them with his cronies.

There is a ready air base in Kirkuk and from there we could launch offensive air support operations in support of Kurdish Peshmerga Army ground operations — first we need to arm them up — and unleash hell against ISIS. The mission is annihilation. Of course this could have been done months ago when we clearly realized what ISIS was – but we did not. Time has not run out, but we are nearing critical mass.

So far we’ve blown up an artillery tube, seven trucks, and some mortar positions — something that an infantry platoon patrol could accomplish. Where is our strategic vision and determination?

I guess President Obama will talk some more at 10:30am today, if he is on time. Mr. President talk less, provide arms support to the Kurds, establish an Air Combat Task Force in Kirkuk and crush ISIS — I will be the first to cheer you on!

But then again, Obama and Congress have gone on vacation while Yazidis and Christians are trapped on Mt. Sinjar.

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