U.S. Marine slams Juan Williams over Tahmooressi “not a serious issue” comment

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Fox News Contributor Juan Williams truly stepped in it. On Monday evening Williams, appearing on the O’Reiily Factor with host Bill O’Reilly and fellow contributor Mary Katherine Ham, made a disparaging remark about Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi. Sergeant Tahmooressi has been held in a Mexican jail since March simply for taking a wrong turn into Mexico as we reported here. Tahmooressi had three legally-registered guns in his possession and at the time of the event even made a 9-11 call informing authorities of his predicament.

But to Juan Williams, an unlawfully detained combat veteran Marine with PTSD is “not a serious issue.”

Williams gave his response as Bill O’Reilly was discussing the lack of American power and influence stated, “Tahmooressi in prison, Mexicans not going to let him out. Any president would have had him out based on humanitarian, he has post-traumatic stress disorder. Let him go, he can’t get him out. Obama can’t get them out.” Williams responded “you are going off in the weeds here. Come on, that guy is not a serious issue. Let’s get back to ISIS, let’s talk about global policy.”

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Oops. Williams’ comment struck a serious nerve in the military community and I’d like to share an email a Marine sent to Bill O’Reilly, which I will share. It pretty much sums up the general emotions of the comments I’ve seen.

Needless to say I think Juan Williams may need to issue a statement of apology — unless this is truly how he, President Obama, and the liberal Left feel about Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi.

Here is the text of the email:

Bill O’Reilly –

I was unable to find the email address of Juan Williams, a Fox News contributor, who appeared on your show this evening. Therefore, I am sending this email to you in the hope that you will please forward the following comments on to him. This email is also being copied to thousands of others. Strong letter to follow. I’m mad as Hell!

Juan Williams –

I just finished watching the “O’Reilly Factor” tonight, August 4th. During the program, wherein you appeared with Bill O’Reilly and Mary Katharine Ham, you made comments about Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi, USMC. I replayed the portion to which I refer to ensure that I got your quote exactly right. You said the following regarding a United States Marine, who has been held for four months in a Mexican prison (with his life threatened on numerous occasions, and regular beatings by the guards and other Mexican inmates) because he inadvertently made a wrong turn at night, unable to prevent himself from entering the country (with all of his personal effects in his vehicle, including legally registered firearms). He immediately told the Mexican agents of his error and that he just wanted to return to the United States. His plea fell on deaf ears. He had recently been transferred to the west coast to seek medical assistance for PTSD. Your comments were… “Tahmooressi, that guy is not a serious issue.”

Well, Juan, I’ve got news for you. Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi is a serious issue! And the current administration has done nothing to get him released. The latest denial took place today in a Mexican court. The Sgt is 100 times the man that you could ever hope to become! He served his country doing two tours in Afghanistan. How many have you done? Oh yeah, that’s right, you live in a bubble inside the Beltway. I guess you don’t get out much. Well, I guess when you were in the service, you must have always served stateside… “In The Rear With The Gear.” What’s that? Oh, you never served in the armed forces. Sorry about that, my mistake. That’s right, you used to work for NPR before they fired you, and you ended up being a contributor on Fox News. I have seen you for years on TV and have come to the only conclusion possible… You are a complete fool! Your head is so far up your butt, that the mere thought of ever seeing sunshine again is but a distant dream.

You owe your freedom to selfless men such as Sgt Tahmooressi… and many more, some of whom never returned home alive. Others returned without limbs or are suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and/or PTSD. But all of this doesn’t mean squat to a brain dead, liberal talking head such as yourself. So, in closing, I will just ask you one question (often posed to others by O’Reilly)… “So, how are things in the land of Oz?”

Everyday that you arise, real men are on the front in a foreign country putting their lives on the line for knuckleheads like you. How you can look at yourself in the mirror every morning is beyond me. You should thank God everyday that people who in your world are “not a serious issue,” have your back… and also have a pair.”

In the Marine Corps there are many sayings. One of which is… Lead, follow, or get the Hell out of the way. So, how about doing us all a favor, and just get out of the way. Far, far away.

Roger Herman
San Diego

Marine helicopter pilot, Vietnam ’67-‘68

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