Most lawless president ever thinks he’s being bullied by Congress

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Here’s the good news: We are less than 100 days away from the November midterm elections. Here’s the bad news: Every day we get a clearer vision of Obama’s strategy for holding onto power. The last thing Obama and his progressive socialist administration wants is having to contend with a House and Senate not under his control. His preferred solution would be a return to his first two years where there was no need for leadership or governance — just absolute rule.

So just as with the 2012 election cycle, it’s not about running on policies and results, it’s about attacking and demonizing the opposition.

As reported by The Hill, “The White House’s emerging strategy for the midterm elections is to run against a “mean” Congress. Obama has a past of running against Bogeymen. In 2008, he campaigned against former President George W. Bush even has he competed for the White House with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the GOP’s nominee.”

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We recently witnessed an almost maniacal Obama in full campaign mode telling Republicans to “stop hating” and sarcastically demonstrating his belligerence by saying, “sue me.” To the fawning masses it may be amusing, but to the rest of us, it’s out of control.

All this occurs while our economy lags, gas and food commodity prices are high, our country is facing an illegal alien invasion, there is a global national security crisis in just about every region of the world, and Obama is running around like a spoiled brat. He demonstrates a complete lack of leadership and adherence to the rule of law, and only a desire to rule.

Even his own team admits Obama’s comfort with the Alinsky tactic of opposition demonizing, ““All of us have always thought he’s better with an opponent and someone to fight against,” said Tommy Vietor, a former longtime Obama communications aide. “When you got an opponent especially an opponent as absurd as the Republican Congress, he’s in a better place because he can point out their hypocrisy, their mean spiritedness and he can do it with humor. “The more feisty campaign tone is where he’s strongest,” Vietor continued, adding that the president’s recent Kansas City event, “felt like a campaign stop and it felt like him at his best.”

So in essence what Tommy Vietor is saying is that Obama has no concern with being a president. He is only concerned with the game of politics and campaigning in order to advance himself. I am quite sure Obama will never address the lack of work being done in the Democrat-controlled Senate under Harry Reid. Obama isn’t going say anything about all the pieces of legislation sitting on Reid’s desk and how he is being an obstructionist and an impediment to the legislative process.

According to The Hill, “Republican strategist Ron Bonjean said Obama is “engaging in partisan warfare” because he feels like he has nothing to lose. “He’s trying to energize the liberal base to get them to vote this November and he’ll continue on this path, pointing fingers at Republicans,” Bonjean predicted. “Although he has increased his rhetoric, the playbook is the same.”

The question is whether the American electorate will fall for the same lame trick of the master deceiver in less than 100 days.

President Barack Hussein Obama is offering America no leadership, no direction — just more of the same ol’ divisive politics — and then he whines about no one wanting to work with him. Actually, the case is that he only wants people to do what he wants: the essence of a tyrant. Obama is offering no solutions in an America replete with issues and scandals, all of his making. There is no one else to blame, yet he refuses to take any responsibility or accountability.

Just know that when Obama took office the debt of he United States was $10.67 trillion, he alone has added $7 trillion — almost more than every previous president combine. That is on him, no one else, so while he is off hanging out in Martha’s Vineyard with the one-percenters, the rest of us are struggling under his damaging economic policies.

“I know they’re not happy that I’m president,” Obama said with a laugh. “But that’s okay. I’ve only got a couple of years left. Come on, let’s get some work done.”

No Mr. President it’s not that we’re not happy, we want an American leader, not a comedic demagogue who gets nothing done himself.

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