With Congress out all month, Obama promises to “act alone” on immigration

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Remember that crisis on the border? Yeah, I know, you are saying, which crisis? — after all there are so doggone many. Well this is the crisis with tens of thousands of illegal aliens crossing our southern border. Of course we’re told they’re innocent little children, but the truth is about 90 percent are actually teens, and not a small number with gang associations.

But then again, our government and the media don’t really want you to know that. We were also told it was such a gigantic humanitarian crisis but seems it’s not really that big a deal.

Say what you wish, but the Republican-led House of Representatives took an action to resolve this particular crisis. The Democrat-controlled Senate left town. President Obama said he didn’t care. He’d veto it anyway.

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But on Friday, the president promised he would move ahead with his own response. “I’m going to have to act alone,” Obama said.

So how is it that Obama castigates the House of Representatives as “do nothing” when there are some 367 pieces of legislation sitting on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk that he refuses to bring to committee or the Senate floor? And please, don’t give me the “comprehensive immigration reform” bovine excrement. We all know what that means — a 2,000-page piece of liberal progressive legislative double-speak that no one reads. Just like Obamacare.

Harry Reid unilaterally changed the time-honored filibuster rule of the 60-vote threshold — now it is only a simple majority. He has refused to allow the minority party to submit amendments to legislation. He is ruling the Senate, and the person entrusted by the Constitution to preside over the Senate, Vice President Joe Biden, is basically AWOL and actually complicit. I cannot even imagine what the progressive socialists and the media would be saying if the shoe were on the other foot of the aisle.

When there is an issue, a crisis, it should be addressed and resolved legislatively. However, you already see this illegal alien crisis has faded away from the news cycle. And this I submit is exactly what the Obama administration wanted to happen — a fading away from public attention as driven by the liberal media, so he can do whatever he wants.

Unfortunately, this is still quite on the minds of the Americans – particularly parents — who this month will find countless illegal children showing up in schools. And who exactly will be paying for that?

The American people will have to contend with their children getting sick because illegal alien children have entered into our society without medical clearance. The American people will have to contend with an increase in illegal aliens who have a criminal background and will bolster the rolls of the violent gang, MS-13.

Yes we can! Yes we can give the American people the middle finger, which is exactly what Barack Hussein Obama and his radical Hispanic special-interest allies — La Raza and LULAC — have given to the American people.

Obama does not regard the “rule of law” in America, what he embraces is the “rule of Obama.” It’s not that the House of Representatives is “do nothing” — a tactic he borrowed from Harry Truman – it’s that the GOP-led House is not doing his will, his bidding. As Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa) articulated last week, why was it that when Obama had the House and Senate under Democrat control, they “did nothing” about immigration reform? And as you saw, that truth sent former Speaker Nancy Pelosi into a delusional orbit.

Where are these illegals now? They have been, are being, and will continue to be secretly dispersed all over our Republic. Obama and Reid are offering no legislative solution based upon the rule of law in America. They have departed believing they have a nice political victory — nothing could be farther from the truth.

The American people, those who love this country, are livid. They are compassionate. They are Americans after all. But they will not succumb to the tyranny that results in being forced to subsidize the existence of those who have disrespected our border, our laws and our Republic. I know, I heard them over the weekend in Paducah, Kentucky and Montrose, Colorado. Hard-working American middle-income families who are watching the promise of the American dream for their children and grandchildren fade into oblivion.

Yes — patriotic Americans– can! Yes, they can in November put an end to the reign of one tyrant, the one who rules over the U.S. Senate — Harry Reid. That will make it harder for the other tyrant, Islamic jihadist and terrorist sympathizer, Barack Hussein Obama, to continue to be the most lawless president America has ever seen.

The lesson we Americans must send in November is that no one is greater than the rule of law in our beloved Constitutional Republic.

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