Colorado veteran: VA told her don’t pay attention to the new VA bill

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Flying over to Montrose, Colorado from Denver this past Saturday was a spectacle to behold. I clearly saw the “purple mountain majesty” of this land.

As I landed in Montrose, there on the magnificent western slope I saw the beautiful plateau and surrounding peaks, and below, the Black Canyon. I even had time before the Saturday evening event for a 3.5 mile run, but I gotta tell ya, they don’t have any oxygen there!

It was a fantastic evening with the folks of Montrose County, but during the question and answer portion of the presentation, something very disturbing emerged.

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A woman by the name of Janice Rae Pariza of Montrose came forward to tell her story. She is a U.S. Air Force veteran and a former combat photography airman. Janice has spinal issues and confided to all of us — nearly 400 people — that she has been on a VA treatment waiting list for three years. She falls under the purview of the VA Hospital located in Grand Junction Colorado, from what I could ascertain about 60 miles away.

Since the folks up in Washington DC just recently passed that VA bill, Janice heard about the cards veterans would be receiving allowing them to receive treatment from their local medical facilities. When she contacted the Grand Junction VA to inquire, they basically told her not to pay attention to any of that. What? Don’t pay attention to law?

But it gets worse. Janice suffers from PTSD and has been seeing a mental health doctor. Well, now she’s been told her appointments will be reduced to only once a year because the VA can’t afford any more doctors. And here I thought the VA had some $156 billion in funding and this new piece of legislation was to give the VA another $17 billion — but we can’t afford any more doctors?

Folks, Janice is not some down and out veteran. She’s a small business owner, as the sole proprietor of Crazy Woman Art & Photography where she gives private art lessons and photography sessions. Janice is not looking for handouts, nor to be dependent. She is an American veteran who was willing to serve and give her all, but it is not being reciprocated.

It seems that to President Obama, Janice was just part of a collective group to whom he could offer empty campaign promises — disgusting. Janice represents all that is great about America: the commitment to service and sacrifice. Janice is an American patriot, a treasure.

Obama is a charlatan, an impostor and a liar. Obama goes out to fawning crowds who haven’t a clue about the damage he’s doing to this country. And I’m not talking about the progressive socialist agenda, but the personal injury being done to veterans like Janice.

I made a promise to Janice Rae Periza to get her story out all over the nation — and we warriors never break promises, especially to other veterans. We take an oath to our Constitution, but we live by the code of never leaving a fallen comrade behind — both of which are clearly foreign concepts to Barack Hussein Obama.

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