Ominous: New video surfaces of American-born suicide bomber threatening U.S.

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We have a little problem in America — and certainly in Florida — with Islamic radicalism, or maybe it’s just a contribution to “building the very fabric of our nation.”

As the New York Post reports, “In a chilling new video, a U.S.-born jihadist warned America that “we are coming for you.” Suicide bomber Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, a Florida-born college dropout, chewed up his American passport in footage set to Arabic music. “You are not safe. I have one word to say,” the terrorist said, “we are coming for you. Mark my words.”

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Now it just so happens that Abu-Salha has already blown himself to bits,
detonating a truckload of bombs outside a restaurant in Syria on May 25, invoked the name of 9/11 mass murderer Osama bin Laden, whom U.S. forces wiped out in 2011.

I suppose since this very disturbed young man is no longer a threat we could dismiss the video. However, as we recently reported, in the UK more “Brits” signed up for ISIS than their own Army reserve.

So is Abu-Salha really just a one-off?

Speaking to the camera, Abu-Salha said Americans will be marked for death no matter where they are on Earth. “You think you’re safe where you are, in America or Britain or Indonesia or Jordan or China or Russia or Somalia or Africa?”

Here’s a video of the preparation of his truck bomb, and the actual explosion (notice how his buddies are filming from a very safe distance).

The disturbing question is how many more are here in America? How many have followed Abu-Salha over to join jihadist forces? Don’t forget Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, a young Memphis black man actually named Carlos Leon Bledsoe who converted to Islam at Tennessee State University, traveled to Yemen, where he was caught with a fraudulent Somalia passport, and returned to America — where on June 1, 2009 he shot two U.S. Army Soldiers at a Little Rock Arkansas recruiting station, killing one.

As IPT News reported at the time, “during an interrogation session, Muhammad told Little Rock police and the FBI that the shooting was a holy war and that he was not guilty of murder. “It’s an act of retaliation,” he said. “There’s a war going on,” he said.”

“Evidence on his computer showed that Muhammad scouted possible targets in the United States including a child care center, a Baptist church and Jewish organizations before attacking the recruiting center. Muhammad told doctors who examined him that, while jailed in Yemen, he planned to carry out jihad on American soil. He told police that he would have killed more soldiers had he seen them outside the recruiting station, saying he was angry at American soldiers, just as he would be at “anyone who was doing this to our religion.”

My point is simple — and I haven’t even included the Tsarnaev brothers’ Boston bombs — we have a homegrown Islamic radical jihadist problem in America. We can deny it or dismiss it, and cannot allow Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups operating in America to negatively attack those concerned about the issue. But it is here, and it exists due to our own recalcitrance and reticence to confront it.

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