Artillery data reveals Hamas lies and media cover-up about Israel

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As a former Artillery officer, the one thing I loved about artillery is that the data never lies. What I mean is that with our ability to use physics and math, you can always ascertain the truth about the point of origin and point of impact of a mortar, artillery shell, rocket, or missile. And with today’s counter artillery/rocket/missile radar systems, it’s almost child’s play.

So when Hamas claims (and the media parrots) that Israel is shooting rockets at neighborhoods and hospitals, you just need to review the data. And what it reveals is lies and a media cover-up.

Over at Legal Insurrection, I found some interesting information about the recent “rocket” attack into a Gaza neighborhood and hospital. The report says, “one of the stories thrust into the mainstream media was nearly simultaneous explosions in a Palestinian neighborhood and at al-Shifa hospital. The media immediately took the Hamas line that it was Israeli missiles. Later, the IDF stated that it had not fired on those locations, and that the explosions were misfired Hamas or Islamic Jihad missiles.”

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The screen shot below — which obviously came from IDF radar — clearly shows a point of origin and flight trajectory of rockets emanating from within Gaza — and it seems that the result was a misfire or short round from Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Folks, take my word, radars don’t lie, and for the sake of the people of Israel, they must not.IDF-image-Shati-and-al-Shifa-Rocket-misfires-e1406673971223-620x439

Now I have no idea about the specific ballistic solutions generated to create firing data for these rockets, but it seems that out of the volley fired, some of these rockets went errant. There are many reasons why an indirect fire projectile can have a failed ballistic solution — human error, charge error, meteorological effects, or just munition malfunction. And I can bet neither Hamas nor Islamic Jihad will to admit to any of this.

However, on the IDF side, you have what is called an ROF (Record of Fire) which lists the fire mission by mission number i.e. AB1234, target location, rounds fired, quadrant elevation, deflection (azimuth direction), charge and shell/fFZ combination. It would be rather easy to investigate a firing error, and I bet the IDF artillery units did so by calling “cease fire freeze.”

Of course, that’s not the story Hamas or our own Leftist anti-Israel media want you to know. Seems there’s a bit of a cover-up going on. Legal Insurrection has a number of stories and tweets from reporters beginning to uncover the truth, including this Italian journalist who is telling the truth now that he’s out of Gaza and no longer fears Hamas retaliation:


So, could it be that there have been more of these misfires from Hamas and Islamic Jihad that media sources are either intimidated into not reporting or simply too lazy to report? I bet the IDF would be more than happy to provide their ROFs for media scrutiny. How about the Islamic terrorists? Methinks not. So I would offer from henceforth that – particularly for our American media — start asking people who know a little about indirect fire and stop making these blind politically-driven agenda condemnations about who is shooting who.

Like I said, artillery doesn’t lie. When you pull the lanyard or push the button, there are clear means to ascertain what went where.

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