11 things Congress hopes you’ll ignore while they’re on vacation

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America, let’s have a seriously upfront discussion.

I reflected on the following while running and working out this morning. I know there are many who make it a habit of (pardon my vernacular) “pissing on my leg” with name-calling and personal attacks. However, are you at all conscious that you live in a country, and indeed a world, figuratively and in many cases literally on fire?

On this day 100 years ago, World War I began. On this Monday morning, I would submit to you that we are on the precipice of something just as dangerous.

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But by the end of this week, the folks elected to lead and govern our Republic will be looking at busting out for a five-week vacation. Yes, I know, they say they’re coming home to be with their constituents. So I challenge you, whatever your voting registration, observe how many of them conduct town hall meetings or listening tours, because here’s what’s facing them in the real world, outside the D.C. beltway:

1. They’ll be coming home to high food commodity and gas prices, which are not part of the consumer price index calculation. Any solutions?

2. We still have issues with many of the Veterans Administration hospitals and outpatient clinics. Any solutions?

3. They’ll see that many who once had a full time equivalent job are now working multiple part time positions — and a government mandated minimum wage hike is not the panacea. We need free market economic reforms that promote small business and private sector growth, not the snail-like recovery Americans are experiencing. It would be better if states made that happen and indexed a wage hike to the rate of inflation.

4. They’ll meet up with many Americans who will be getting their 2015 healthcare insurance premiums estimates, and they won’t be getting the promised $2500 in savings. And the recent circuit court rulings from D.C. and Richmond, Virginia only caused to add to the ever-growing confusion. However the IRS will be issuing the individual mandate tax penalty — which the American people were told was not a tax. Any solutions?

5. During August, our children will head back to school, and this year they may be joined by thousands of illegal immigrant children — which many school districts had no idea were coming. So who will pick up the cost for these additional students? And what guarantee do American parents have that these illegal immigrant children are disease free? Where are their immunization records?

6. Our local law enforcement will have to contend with even more juvenile illegal immigrants who have ties to very dangerous gangs, such as MS-13. Are they ready? Any solutions? Oh yeah, President Obama, who will be off to Martha’s Vineyard, and has hinted he’ll just sign an executive order making them all citizens. So much for that whole “rule of law” thing. And is anyone paying attention to the border, since we are distracted, to safeguard against Islamic terrorists infiltrating our country?

7. Speaking of which, can any of your elected officials explain why our country is negotiating on behalf of a terrorist organization in the Middle East? What message does that send?

8. Are any consequences for Russian-backed thugs shooting down a civilian airliner? Yes, the consequences are that since their belligerence went unchallenged, Russia now openly fires rockets from inside its border into Ukraine — and the separatists shot down two more Ukrainian fighter jets. So much for supporting sovereign nations.

9. How ‘bout the fact that Iran got an extension, and billions of sanction dollars released, as they continue their march to nuclear capacity. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll abide by the theory of mutually assured destruction (MAD), just like the old Soviet Union.

10. Shouldn’t we be concerned about evacuating an American embassy in Tripoli in Libya? I guess we probably didn’t need it open anyway.

11. Is it just fine to just sit back and watch the creation of an Islamic caliphate complete with an Army committed to 7th century precepts which has just recently forced Christians from their millennia-old homelands? Or does it not really matter, because they’re so far away?

Maybe this is the “new normal” and many think it’s all fine, no worries, just another day in the New America.

Well, stop and think about what you are accepting and passing on to subsequent generations of Americans. This is the Cloward-Piven strategy coming to life – and in case you missed it, Barry explains it perfectly here.

I know a lot of folks just hate it when I bring all this stuff up. They wonder why I just can’t keep my mouth shut. But being silent about reality doesn’t make the truth go away. I feel like tapping y’all on the shoulder and saying, turn around, you may want to take that knife out of your own back while you’re trying to stab me with a fork.

Let’s all wish our representatives a happy summer recess –that’s if they do happen to do any work on your behalf in August. And as their election approaches, remember the ills of our nation as you consider the Pavlovian process of rewarding them with reelection.

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